We need to move on to the next stage of the work we are doing. The foundations have been set.

We now have a sizeable number of supporters and within this supporter base there must be considerable skill and expertise that could be of use to the party. Which explains this appeal for volunteers. We are trying to establish who can do what and who might be prepared to chip in and help out in any way they can.

Consequently there is a need to create a register from amongst our supporters who have experience/ expertise and skills in different fields and of course any qualifications that would be useful,  to work with us.

If you think you can help, would you kindly fill in the form below and send it to us please? So that we can create a register of who amongst our supporters are prepared to offer practical support for us in this important work.

Thank you.

Eich enw/ Your name :
Eich cyfeiriad E-bost/ Your E-mail address :
Cyfeiriad Post gorau i gysylltu gyda chi/

Preferred Postal Address for contact:

Cd Post/ Post Code:
Eich rhif ffn tirfaol/ Your land-line No. :
Rhif eich ffn symudol/ Your mobile tel. number:
Cysylltu gyda chi/ Contacting you:


Siwt Y Gallwch Roi Cymorth? - How Can You Help?


Gwaith gweinyddol/ Administrative work:
Gwaith gyda Thechnoleg Gwybodaeth/ IT work:

Gwaith ar blatfformau Cyfryngau Cymdeithasol/

Work on Social Media platforms:


Arweinydd neu weithiwr ar Bwnc Polisi penodol/

Leader or worker on a specific Policy Subject:



Ar gael i ganfasio mewn etholiadau?

Available for canvassing during elections?:



Rhestrwch eich sgiliau a phrofiad/ arbenigaeth neu gymwysterau yn y blwch isod os gwelwch yn dda.

Please type your skills and experience/ expertise or qualifications in the box below please




A fyddech a diddordeb Creu Cangen o Ein Gwlad yn eich hardal?

Would you be interested in creating an Ein Gwlad branch in your  area?


Byddem/ Yes. Na fyddem/ No.






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