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Words of wisdom from Albert Einstein – so true in the current political world

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Many of the problems that ails us today in our societies in Wales are the results of specific thinking, amongst politicians in the past. The establishment and all the outdated establishment parties within it, are the product of outdated thinking from the 19th and 20th centuries and before that even.

So if our problems have – in the main – been created by a certain way of thinking, then the same kind of thinking will NEVER resolve those problems. We are plagued by politicians who do not listen to what the people need, or what they want.  Instead they stick rigidly to their party doctrines, dogmas and ideology. Instead of being the servant of the people they try to be the people’s masters and force upon them the ideology of the party that they represent. This is a classic example of ‘THE TAIL WAGGING THE DOG’ when it should always be the other way around!

The politicians we have in Wales are a reflection of the parties they represent. Four out of the five represented in the Senedd in Cardiff Bay are London based – therefore they are ‘foreign’ parties from a different country, with different problems and a different culture. The only exception being Plaid Cymru, but Plaid Cymru seems to spend most of it’s time aping the so-called ‘socialist’ Labour party. They are also mistaken when they think that the whole population of Wales agrees with their policies and their modus operandi – that is arrogance and a recipe for disaster.

Wales needs a party that is varied in it’s approach, and caters for the needs of the people – without forcing doctrines, dogmas and ideology upon them that are the creation of a specific establishment party. That is why the realistic support that Plaid attracts hovers around 10% of the electorate (on average only about 50% bother to vote for anyone). Whichever party is in power, it repeats the mistakes it made of old and then expects a different result. This is insanity.

Breaking the mould

We need to break this mould, and give the people what they want and what they need. The job of a political party is to manage the needs expressed by the people, and not foist policies on them from above. Ein Gwlad is such a party. We do not fear adopting policies from any end of the political spectrum, as long as those policies benefit Wales and her people. That is always the ‘acid test’. Whilst e.g. Labour and Plaid will not adopt any Conservative policies for fear of being seen as too ‘right’ wing, and visa versa; the parties on the so-called ‘right’ wing fear adopting more ‘left’ wing policies for the same reason, for fear of being seen as too ‘left’. We are VERY different. Little wonder you currently hear people bemoan the fact that it doesn’t matter who they vote for, things remain the same. If there are only establishment parties to choose from, and those parties in turn are causing the problem, then the cycle will be repeated over and over. We need to break free of that cycle, and put behind us the politics and political parties of yesteryear.

‘Establishment’ Parties – ‘one size fits all?’

All five of the parties represented in the Senedd are old fashioned ‘establishment’ parties. They follow a pattern that was set down in the past, they even position themselves on that outdated and defunct, single axis concept of right, centre or left. That in itself is a totally abstract and ridiculous concept based on the way political parties sat in The French Revolutionary era – where the terms left wing politics and  right wing politics first originated. The reason for the terms to become used at all was the seating of the ancient régime of France at that time. The aristocrats sat on the right, and the commoners sat on the left.

It is now the 21st century and we need to update our understanding of politics, as our societies are far more complex, with far more sophisticated needs. All people do not fall into two categories, they are varied – one size does NOT fit all. This problem is exasperated by the mainstream media’s obsession with this right and left nonsense – it suits them, because they can label any party, depending on how they perceive them, often adding words like ‘extreme’ or ‘ultra’ to ‘right’ or ‘left’ wing. It serves their agenda, and preserves the illusion that the establishment demands that they project – depending on whether a political party is acceptable to the establishment or not. But thankfully their grip is being loosened, thanks to modern digital communication and the emergence of parties similar to ours in Europe.

Each party (and it’s usually a choice of one or the other in a two party system – unless you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland) puts all it’s energy into out-doing the party on the other ‘side’. Undoing any good work that either did previously, just for the sake of promoting their own ideologies. The people are left totally out of the picture. This madness has to end.


Is a syncretic (or if you will, a hybrid) party. We have NO baggage whatsoever , no preconceived doctrines, dogmas or any party ethos. Our sole aim is to give people what they need to make our country prosperous and compatible with other successful small nations the world over – who already have their freedom and sovereign status. Our first goal is independence for our nation. Over 250 small nations have achieved that since 1945 and the vast majority are thriving. We, on the other hand, are still under the rule of London and progressively getting poorer, less healthy and less well educated. We are also fast loosing our identity.

A primary step for us is to gather our people’s thoughts, their problems and their suggested solutions to those problems. Our policies will be guided by what our nation wants and needs to get us out of our pit of despair.

National Populism vs. Liberal Democracy

We believe in a libertarian society (not to be confused with LIBERALISM!!). Progressive liberalism is currently the scourge of not just Wales, but the western hemisphere as a whole, with their utterly ridiculous and shallow concepts about how the ‘nanny state’ should guide us and how we should adhere to political correctness. We believe in freedom, not just the egalitarian freedom of the individual and our country, but true freedom of thought and speech, on any subject. Something which is being taken away from us in this ‘progressive liberal’ totalitarian ‘thought police’ leaning society that is forced upon us. Don’t expect US to be quiet on ANY subject – we have no taboos – we tell it as we see it, whether that means pleasing or creating a perceived offence to anyone who hears it. But above all else we will ALWAYS act in keeping with what the democratic majority of our people want, and we will always adhere to the values of common justice and fair play.

This is not about us or our party, it’s about our nation. For that reason we do not shy away from being called a ‘populist’ party. There is currently a huge wave of support for National  Populism which is the natural revolt against ‘progressive’ Liberal Democracy. We are a part of that wave. The people have totally lost their trust in the traditional parties and their deceitful politics. People are waking up and saying “enough is enough” and they are voting with their feet – especially on the European Mainland.

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