21st Century Fascist Confusion

Ein Gwlad’s Position

Where on the political spectrum?

We are a Syncretic party – that needs to be made clear at the outset. As our slogan – shown in the picture on the left – says we are: “Not Right, Not Left – Just Welsh”.

We do not subscribe to and do not conform with the artificial single axis paradigm of right, centre or left wing, that pigeon-holes every political party or group within that archaic concept.

Politics are far, far more complex and varied than that, as are all humans. Ein Gwlad only forms policies that are directly beneficial to Wales and her citizens – old fashioned political ideologies have no part to play in our activities. Neither do unionist parties who are camped on our soil – to do the will of London.

We are a party of common sense not exaggeration.

Our Position regarding Brexit

As a wholly democratic party, we are committed to upholding the wishes of the people. In Wales, 854,572 (52.5%) of voters chose to leave the EU, compared with 772,347 (47.5%) supporting remain. That is as clear a result of intention as you can get, it is a mandate of respectable size. ANY political party operating in Wales is duty bound – as the representatives of the people of Wales – to carry out their collective wish. End of argument – regardless of what the ideology or internal machinations of any party is. They are supposed to be the servants of the people – unfortunately,most are not.

Consequently, Ein Gwlad is morally committed to supporting an exit from the European Union as requested by the majority of the electorate in Wales.

In addition to that, we have no intention of alienating any of the electorate on either side of the Brexit fiasco. Wales has absolutely no say in the eventual outcome of the Brexit circus within Westminster, we are effectively frozen out – as is Scotland (especially so Scotland, as they voted to remain) and the North of Ireland. This is why it’s so unfair that countries who should be independent to form their own opinions, and carry out the wishes of their own countries should not be forced to go along with the colonial parties at Westminster. That however is what it boils down to.

More ridiculous still is the actions of minority home grown parties in Wales. The other Nationalist party in Wales has stirred up a huge hot air storm, giving the impression that they may have a bearing on the eventual outcome of the Brexit agreement in the Westminster parliament. They seem to have overlooked what influence they actually have.

They have just FOUR MPs. That represents a total of 0.64% of the total number of MPs at Westminster (not even ¾ of ONE percent!). How on earth do they think that they can have an influence on the Brexit outcome? What makes this even more ridiculous is that the MAJORITY of the voters in Wales want to come out of the EU! We live in a mad world. Not only are their actions insane in a democratic system, including the giving away of constituencies to the Lib-Dems and trying to form some sort of anti Brexit pact with the other unionist parties, but by those actions they have now alienated themselves from 52.5% of the electorate in our country. However that is a matter for them to resolve. What it does show is that party ideology comes before country for some politicians.

Ein Gwlad on the other hand has taken the pragmatic and common sense stance. We do not have an official party policy on the subject of Brexit. We do not have internal wars over it, and we have a clear conscience that we are not stuffing something down the throats of the electorate that the majority do not want – it’s called respecting the democratic will of the people, whether you like it or not.

We in Wales, have absolutely no say in the outcome. We will wait for the dust to settle, and make the most of the eventual outcome, always keeping the interests of our country and her people at heart. When the battlefield is covered with broken bones and bleeding flesh, we will calmly pick the carcasses clean. We will then insist on our independence, and when it comes – if our people so wish – we will have our own referendum on OUR membership of the EU at a future point.

We view this insane Brexit issue as a golden opportunity to drive home our insistence on being a self governed sovereign state. The Westminster parliament is currently making those arguments for us, by revealing it’s true state of incompetence. No thank you – we’ll rule ourselves from here on. As the union disintegrates the vassal countries will step forward to demand their right to self governance and self determination.

“Fascist.” “Fascist” – “We need to learn from the Weimar Republic”! They Shout.

For those who suffered under real Fascist oppression in 20th century Europe, those chants, when directed at a democratically elected government in 2019 must make the stomachs of those 20th century sufferers under Fascism churn and their skin crawl. If nothing else it dumbs down what Fascism – of the real kind – was, and is all about – it’s VILE whichever way you look at it.

We have short memories, coupled with an inadequate education and a twisted view of history. Some of us are evidently sadly lacking in the political knowledge department, when we are compelled to use such terms in such a ridiculous and shallow context.

To even use the taunt of ‘ Fascist ‘ in the wrong modern context is a direct insult to anyone who suffered at the hands of the evil Fascist regime in Germany during WW2. People need to think carefully before using such words, and consider how those words may effect others today. 

Verbal Vomit

So the dumbing down of these words and their meaning – by a young generation who glibly throws those taunts around – means the very words and their true nature become meaningless, when they are used in the proper context. Dare to cross a progressive liberal socialist today, and within a sentence or two, this is the kind of verbal vomit that you’re confronted with. It’s quite appalling. See Godwin’s Law.

The Guiding Hand

All of this of course is fuelled by the manipulators of information – the mainstream media, whose primary goal is to spread the propaganda of the establishment, because that very establishment is threatened by the enlightened politics of people who have said “enough is enough” across Europe, and many other parts of the world. Ein Gwlad should know, because we are a part of that enlightenment. We want to preserve our identity as a free nation, something that is becoming as rare as hen’s teeth within that undemocratic empire called the European Union.

Mention a ‘ populist ’ party, and the immediate reaction of the mainstream news media is to bring in inappropriate and misleading labels, in order to manipulate the public’s view and perception of these new parties. Labels such as ‘Far Right’, ‘Extreme right Wing’ ‘Alt. Right’ and yes, even ‘Fascist’. The right/centrist/ left wing single axis paradigm is used to great effect. It is of course a load of baloney, and is just as misleading as the chants of the mob outside Westminster this last week.

The EU is an union whose very foundations are based on a non democratic system, where the end game is to throw all European nations into the same sack, take away their individual identity and rule them politically, culturally, economically and militarily from a central point in Brussels. Ironically, that is the exact same vision that the last ruling German Fascist government in Europe was trying to do under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. Their goal was to create a Federal Europe, directed from Berlin and not Brussels (Since Berlin was the capital of Prussia, the leading state of the new Reich, it became the capital of Germany as well. Berlin had been the capital of Prussia and its predecessor, Brandenburg, since 1518. Berlin remained the capital of the united Germany until 1945). The similarities don’t end there neither. There are other glaring similarities.

Something The Protestors Should Bear In Mind

Prior to the vigorous campaigning for European unification by pro-European movements and federalist activists from 1945 onwards, the Resistance had also been actively involved in promoting the European idea during the Second World War, while the Nazis, for their part, had been keen to establish a ‘New European Order’.

Right from the outbreak of the conflict, the rapid German military victories over the continental European democracies had been fuelling by an intense propaganda campaign in support of the idea of a Germany led Europe Union. The Reich wanted to organise its newly conquered territories along the lines of a united Europe, a Europaïsche Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft, which would put an end to traditional national antagonisms once and for all. Hitler’s Germany did not hesitate to present itself as the champion of European unification and of the New European Order.

Official propaganda exalted the values of Western civilisation, which it claimed it was defending against Bolshevism and Anglo-American imperialism. However, the Nazi strategies envisaged the continent being reorganised into a vast European economic and commercial area entirely at the service of the German economy.

Basic Similarities

In 1942 when the Germans still thought they were going to win the war they produced a report entitled the Europaische Wirtschafts Gemeinschaft – which translates as the European Economic Community,

This report was written by various bankers and academics and laid out a plan for how Germany would manage the economies of the conquered countries of Europe after a German victory.  The report was drawn up under the leadership of Professor Walter Funk the Reich’s Economics Minister and President of the Reichsbank.

The report contained sections on Agriculture, Industry, Employment, Transport, Trade, Economic Agreements, and Currency.  It proposed the ‘harmonisation’ of European currencies and a harmonised currency system.

Does that sound familiar? So is it the Fascists of old, or those who want to disengage from Europe who are the modern Fascists?

Warped Logic & Twisted thinking

Somewhere along the line, things have amazingly flipped. Up is down, right is left and inside is outside. Now we have progressive liberal socialists shouting that to be anti EU supporter is to be a Fascist – or more specifically a Nazi!

Example 1.

We have past leaders of nationalist parties posting pictures on the internet, depicting the Brexit supporters who dared to vote against continued membership of the EU as a stuggle between the lady dressed in the EU flag, who is hand wrestling with a swatika (representing ‘leavers’) over a ballot box. Strange is the word that jumps to mind, along with an attempt to evoke memories of past atrocities performed by the Nazis in WW2. Is this really the lowest level that historic ignorance can descend to to? Obviously confusion has erupted and the meaning of a ballot box is past history. These same ones then turn around and accuse others of being undemocratic!

Example 2.

From the forming of Ein Gwlad, we’ve had politically ignorant and shallow thinking people accusing us of being – wait for it – alt right, extreme right wing and unbelievably – Fascists! Their reasoning goes something like this.

“The traditional nationalist party of Wales is a socialist (left wing) party. There’s a new nationalist party on the scene who have not declared that they are progressive liberal socialist, therefore they must be Fascists”!

That was before we published our constitution, policies or manifesto. If read, those documents would prove without a shadow of a doubt, that we are neither left wing or right wing, and definitely not extreme right wing. That sadly is what a poisoned mind will fabricate, coupled with a reluctance to read the evidence (assuming such ones have reached a level of competence in reading to understand what has been written).

They go further and follow us around, attempting to place anti fascist stickers on our backs when we attend independence rallies. Is this the work of balanced, unbiased and sensible individuals? We leave it to you to work out the answer.

“Fascist.” “Fascist”

Just some of the intelligent, measured responses (not) from last week’s hastily convened anti-Brexit rally in Westminster, London.

Bitter Remainers (we’ll call them ‘Remoaners’) – led by their poster children Owen Jones and Femi Sorry – gathered outside the Houses of Parliament to chant angry slogans.


  • “Are we going to stop the coup?
  • Are we going to save democracy?
  • Are we going to bring down the unelected Prime Minister Boris Johnson?”

Rarely can there have been more powerful evidence that some – but obviously not all – Remoaners live on an entirely different planet from the rest of us. One where the meaning of words has been shifted to the exact opposite of what most sane, balanced people understand by them.


Normally, this is when a government is forcibly unseated by hostile forces. Boris Johnson, on the other hand, is the leader of an elected government (we’re absolutely no fan of him or his politics – but we see him as the Trojan Horse who may unwittingly add momentum to our Independence cause, along with Scotland’s and hopefully a rightfully reunited Ireland – by his stumbling and bumbling Brit-Nat sympathies, that will inevitably fire up the nationalist cause on the Celtic fringes. The coup word makes no sense at all in this context.


What could be more representative of the demos than a free vote in which 17.4 million people – more than have voted for anything in British history – vote to leave the European Union? And what could be more anti-democratic than abusing parliamentary process to thwart a vote whose decision tthat he-then Prime Minister David Cameron (and his replacement May) promised would be honoured whatever the outcome?

Unelected Prime Minister?

But prime ministers are always unelected. It’s the party – or, rather, the local MP representing that party – you vote for, not the prime minister.


As for ‘ Fascism ’ – this is just plain silly. Fascists don’t honour popular votes. Fascists go ahead and do what they want regardless of what the public have asked for at the ballot box. Which means, Owen, Femi and co that… well, do we really need to spell it out?

There is an urgent need to bring back a bit of sanity, balance and truth into this nonsense that is manifesting itself before our very eyes. Common sense seems to be something that has become lost amongst many politicians and a large swathe of the public on both sides of the obsessive Brexit debate.

An interesting few weeks will lie ahead no doubt – with heightened hyperbole and no small amount of fear-mongering mixed in! But above all else, let’s drop these twisted and silly accusations of Fascism – however much the temptation to revert to Godwin’s Law. Because to use the term ‘ Fascist ‘ is the most ridiculous and stupid thing of all.

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