Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Democracy? Don’t make me laugh….

A rogues gallery of  new technocrats unveiled

THE mainstream media worked themselves up in a right lather this week about Brexit Party MEP’s deciding to turn their backs when the EU’s “Anthem” was played during the opening session of the new European Parliament.

It was admittedly quite a boorish move by Farage and his dimwits. But then, no more boorish perhaps than the Liberal Democrats’ decision to turn up to the opening session sporting bright yellow sweaters with the slogan “Bollocks to Brexit” emblazoned on their backs.

The most underhand political entity in the UK today?

Ah! The Liberal Democrats- quite possibly the most devious, sly and underhand political entity in modern day UK politics. Quite a label considering the range of different shysters across the political spectrum touting their wares in this arena today.

The party who have done so much to diminish the public’s trust in politicians and the political process following breaking a cast-iron manifesto promise not to raise student fees prior to the 2010 General Election.

A promise which was swiftly abandoned once they saw an opportunity to get their grubby little mitts on sharing some power in a coalition government with the Conservatives.

And so saying “Bollocks to You” to all those students who had been trusting( or naïve) enough to believe their pre-election promises. Several years have passed since then but a toxic legacy remains as far as public trust and politics is concerned.

The fact that student debt today is at an all-time high is another bitter little reminder of the Liberal Democrats’ betrayal.

A toxic legacy after that broken promise

That’s probably not too much of an issue for the purveyor of those Lib Dem promises in 2010, former leader Nick Clegg now plying his trade in much more lucrative pastures with those paragons of democracy, Facebook.

If one wanted to be cynical here, it could well be suggested that leading the Liberal Democrats was quite possibly the best possible training for such a job representing the mass modern manipulators of Silicon Valley.

Mainstream media miss the main story

But typically, the lamestream media completely ignored the main story of that opening EU session a few days ago; i.e the announcement of the 4 new “Presidents” to  top jobs within the EU.

Belgian PM Charles Michel is to be the President of the European Council. Germany’s Defence Minister Ursula Von Der Layen will be the President of the European Commission. Christine Lagarde of the IMF will head up the European Central Bank, and Spain’s Josep Borrell Fontelles will lead the Foreign Affairs and Security Council.

So, these 4 new Presidents? They’ve now got a huge amount of power. They were voted in by the people of Europe right? Err.. No.

Ok….., so there must have been a vote amongst the respective parties within the European Parliament to choose these guys? Err..not quite. How can I put it?

The 4 candidates eventually emerged after long hours of horse trading behind closed doors amongst the great and the good of the EU.

In essence it was all a huge power struggle between Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, with the would-be new Napolean eventually coming out on top.

With an eventual divving up of the spoils in that classic fashion so beloved by the technocrats who wield so much power in our modern world.

Tony Benn’s 5 questions about power

But, there must be some way for European voters to hold these new Presidents to account in some way, or dismiss them if need be?

Mmm. What do you think this is? A democracy??? Don’t be ridiculous. This is the EU! They have, err, their own way of doing things.

Former Labour MP Tony Benn famously compiled his “5 essential questions”  which he would always pose to anyone who had any power in any area of life.

What power have you got? Where did you get it? In whose interests do you use it? To whom are you accountable? How do we get rid of you?

Benn said that the last question was the most important of the 5 and if that could not be answered satisfactorily, then people were not living in a functioning democracy.

Something to unite Leavers and Remainers at last!

In view of Tony Benn’s political maxim, both Leavers and Remainers here in Wales can probably agree that this  whole process leaves a lot to be desired.

Both factions could also perhaps agree that the background of these new Presidents is quite alarming to say the least.

Charles Michel is the failed PM of Belgium. Von der Layden was described as the “weakest minister” in Angela Merkel’s German government. Christine Lagarde has actually been convicted of “fraud and embezzlement” amounting to £417 million during her stint at the IMF.

And the Spanish guy, Josep Fontelles? Well maybe he’s not so bad. He was only the Spanish minister in charge when the Spanish riot police beat up Catalan voters exercising their right to vote in an independence referendum there in 2017.

Strewth! These four almost make Trump seem presidential……

Well done the EU! At last they’ve managed to do what has seemed to be totally impossible up to now……

To get Leavers and Remainers here to agree with each other about something at last!

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