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Plaid Cymru Change Tac on Independence – AGAIN!

(Picture: Nation.Cymru) Adam Price, leader of Plaid Cymru, the new Welsh Confederationalist Party 

Criticism Is A Sign Of A Healthy Democracy

It’s a fair point to make that we in Ein Gwlad have been fairly critical of Plaid Cymru over the last year or so. However, this comes as part and parcel with politics and it’s only right that political parties criticise and scrutinise each other.

It is how democracy has worked and should continue to work in my view and this article will be no different in criticising Plaid Cymru. If they can’t take a bit of criticism then they’re in the wrong business quite frankly.

Benelux Britain – Not Full Blown Independence

After reading an article headed “Independence ‘will benefit England as much as Wales’ says Adam Price” on, (Plaid Cymru’s online mouthpiece), I was left feeling utterly disappointed. In a nutshell it had very little to do with independence, but more about a confederation for the nations of Britain, the headline – alas, was a case of false advertising.

In Adam Prices’ speech, titled ‘Benelux Britain: Re-casting relations in the post-independence era’, at the Centre on Constitutional Change at the University of Edinburgh, he said:

We want to renew politics on this island. And we want to change the way its constituent nations are governed and relate to one another. Because, in any event, Britain is already broken. Even if we wanted to, we have no need to break up Britain. Brexit is doing that for us.

Brexit has put Britain on hold, and while it stands still – rudderless, without effective government – it is fraying, not just at the edges, but right through its body politic. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is moving on, technological change advancing, and climate change speeding up.

I would suggest that a stronger model for future relationships between the nations of Britain is the close collaboration that has developed between the Benelux countries – Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

It’s a matter of finding new, more independent but also more equal ways of living together, ones that I believe will prove to be more comfortable and certainly more congenial.

We want to create a new Wales, to be sure. But this won’t be possible unless at the same time we are part of making a new Britain. This will be a Britain in which its three nations live alongside each in equality, and as a result, in greater harmony.

Now, where does it talk about Wales’ independence in any of that? Where is Wales standing on its own two feet, shoulder to shoulder with other nations of the world? This speech was all fur coat and no knickers, which is what we’ve come to expect from Plaid Cymru these days.

Price and Plaid have seen the Indy movement grow in Wales, opinion polls recently (not that I give them much credibility mind you) have indicated a healthy upward trajectory in support for independence. Yet Plaid Cymru, faced with the very real prospect of gaining independence, have choked early on.

If this was a staring competition between Plaid and Independence, Plaid Cymru just blinked!


A Shared Confederation

Confederation? Pooling of sovereignty? A new Britain? These words are not indicative of an Indy confident political party, nor are they indicative of a party that has real confidence in the nation’s ability to take care of its own affairs.

These are words that support the begging bowl mentality, that we can’t survive without handouts from outside Wales and points to a future of dependency and not independence


Plaid’s pro remain, and let’s be honest, anti-democratic stance on Brexit, is a clear demonstration of their lack of confidence in us as a people and as a nation. Instead of backing Wales they’ve preferred to offer their begging bowl to the EU simply because they give a little more money than Westminster.

It seems that Plaid Cymru have returned, or maybe even never really left the good old days where the very word independence was taboo. Next time you get a chance to look through Plaid Cymru’s constitution, you may well find the word independence has been replaced by confederation or even the classic, full national status.


The Alternative


Thankfully, Wales does have another option for the indy confident amongst us, that of course is my party, Gwlad Gwlad – Ein Gwlad. We are totally and unwaveringly committed to gaining independence for Wales. It is our core objective, our Raison D’etre and nothing will deter us from achieving that goal.

We believe our policies can transform Wales for the better, policies that are not being offered by any other party in Wales. Our aim to implement a package deal of policies, that include the revolutionary and genuinely progressive citizens Income and flat rate tax system, could bring about the levels of prosperity and communal empowerment that have been so lacking for the best part of 100 years.

We in Ein Gwlad know who we are and what we’re about, we know what we want to achieve and have a plan to get there. If it’s independence you want, then my party is the party for you too.

Join us and help us build a confident, empowered and prosperous Wales.

Diolch Yn Fawr

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