Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Which Would Be The Lesser Of Two Evils For Us Celtic Nations?

Two unionist Anglo Saxons prepare for a dog-fight

A Bit Like Asking ‘Do You want a Punch on the Nose or a Kick in the Knee Cap?’

They both say they want the Brexit fiasco over by October. They have also both come around to promising a Brexit – even if it means a so called ‘no deal’ Brexit solution.

When it comes to promises, establishment politicians cannot be trusted. It’s a bit like asking a fox to look after your poultry whilst you go away for the weekend – by now we should all be aware of how the consequences of that folly of trusting a fox would play out! Just check out the manifesto promises that have been broken over the years. It’s cheap talk, never intended to be genuine promises.

Plaid Cymru is no exception in this regard, they too break manifesto promises at a whim – all depending on which way the wind happens to be blowing. A prime example is their ‘U’ turn from what they stated in their policy on Brexit in 2017. There is no doubt that Plaid’s policy in 2017 was to deliver a Brexit favouring Wales. It would be interesting to find out when, where and who changed Plaid’s policy to opposing Brexit with the policy of reversing the decision with a second referendum where the party will now, unlike previously in 2017, campaign to Remain?

So the lesson is “don’t trust conventional political parties or individual politicians, who abide by the establishment rules of promise breaking. They’re ALL at it!”. With the exception of Ein Gwlad, we are not an establishment party, and don’t play by their crooked rules. On the contrary, we make it a party policy that ANY promises made to the public should be kept under any circumstances. That’s why we NEVER make empty promises.

Panic Over Scotland – Squeaky Bum Time!

The British Bulldog or Winston Churchill ‘wannabe’

Boris Johnson has promised to do “anything” in his power to stop the UK breaking up if he becomes prime minister. The Conservative leadership candidate said the next occupant of 10 Downing Street should be “minister for the union” as well as prime minister. That’s interesting, wasn’t that the sort of thing that was said when Secretaries of State were invented? A bigger voice for the lesser countries of the ‘Union’. How has that played out over the years?

Meanwhile his rival, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, confirmed he would be willing to leave the EU without a deal. He had previously said preserving the union was more important than Brexit.

The SNP said both candidates were ignoring calls from their Scottish colleagues to rule out a no-deal Brexit “or accept that Scotland will choose another path”. Now THAT sounds very interesting to us. It could mean that with a Brexit ‘No Deal’ and a known English nationalist prime minister (although they use the words ‘Union’ and ‘British’ – especially in Boris Johnson’s case),  that the path to independence for Scotland and afterwards Wales could be accelerated. What other reason is there for the panic amongst the Tory leadership candidates? And by extension a short term prime minister of the UK.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, Boris Johnson said he was a “passionate believer” in the union. He said the next prime minister should be “minister for the union” – something he described as a “cost-free but symbolically significant important addition to the office I seek”. And he suggested that there should be a unit at Number 10 to “sense-test and stress-test” every policy for the results it would have on the union.

“We should actively campaign for a public understanding of the benefits of the union, economic and strategic, for the people and its component nations,” Mr Johnson added.

“There are still passionate voices – especially in Scotland – that are campaigning night and day to break our union up, to diminish our country (since when was the ‘Union’ a country Mr. Johnson – a state yes – but not a COUNTRY. The UK is made up of three countries and a further colony of England in the Irish Six Counties – that Freudian slip rather gives the game away doesn’t it? . . Ed.).

He went on to say “”We cannot just leave the field to them, a refuse to engage in the argument.” Do we detect more than a smidgen of panic there?

The former foreign secretary also claimed that delivering a “sensible” Brexit would make it harder for the SNP to argue for independence. His comments came a week after an opinion poll suggested there would be majority support in Scotland for independence if Mr Johnson became prime minister.

And earlier this month a YouGov poll suggested a majority of Conservative party members said they would prefer Brexit to go ahead – even if it caused Scottish independence. That alone has set the bells to go off and red lights to start flashing deep in the establishment’s bunker!

The ‘little slimy sneaky one’ bringing up the rear.

On The Andrew Marr Show, Mr Hunt admitted that leaving the EU without a deal would be unpopular in Scotland. His cabinet colleague, Scotland Secretary David Mundell, has said that a no-deal Brexit could “threaten the continuance of the United Kingdom”.

But Mr Hunt said that – if it came to it – he could deliver a successful no deal Brexit and strengthen the union with Scotland. We’ll see about that when the time arrives Mr. Hunt.

“There are risks,” the foreign secretary conceded. “You think about what someone like Nicola Sturgeon would do politically if we had a no deal situation and we would have to get through that, and that is why a no-deal Brexit is not my first choice. ”

He said it was not a question of choosing Brexit or the union.

“If you send to Brussels someone who can negotiate a deal that can get through Parliament, then you won’t have a no-deal situation, and then you reduce those risks,” he added.

“But I’m also very clear that we are going to leave the European Union come what may and I will deliver that. If that happens, I will do it in a way that protects the union because it’s absolutely vital that we do.”

Meanwhile – Back With Our Northern Celtic Cousins

The SNP dismissed Mr Johnson’s plan for a “minister for the union” as a “meaningless gimmick”. We wholeheartedly agree!

MSP Tom Arthur added: “Jeremy Hunt has made clear that he’s more than willing to push through a disastrous no-deal Brexit despite knowing the disproportionate damage this will bring to jobs, businesses and households incomes in Scotland.

“Both the candidates to become the next Tory leader have publicly ignored calls from their Scottish colleagues to rule out a no-deal or accept that Scotland will choose another path.

The 160,000 Conservative party members will begin voting for their new leader next week and Theresa May’s successor is expected to be announced on the 23rd of July. Not only are a handful of Tory party members going to choose a new leader, they will also be deciding on a new UK Prime Minister for all of us. As usual we have no say in these things, we just quietly occupy our normal place on the sidelines. Little children should be seen an not heard they used to say.

But NOT for too much longer.These little children are rapidly growing up – and about to speak for themselves, without any help from ‘nanny’  in London.


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