Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Boris Johnson as recruiting sergeant

 The Blonde blunderer-the best possible recruiter for Welsh Independence?

THE continuing psycho-drama of the Tory party  over so many years is in many respects the on-going nightmare that most of us here in Wales have spent our adult lives trying to wake up from.

Its latest manifestation is an extended leadership contest which is almost beyond satire in its sheer self-indulgence and lack of awareness of how this charade is playing out amongst  the general public.

Last night( Sunday), Channel 4 flagged up their own self-indulgent agenda, broadcasting an over-hyped “Contenders Debate”  as if it was an event of national significance for all viewers when in reality the whole contest is restricted to a mere 143,000 Tory party members. A broadcast which was also hilariously boycotted by the lead contender.

But Channel 4’s viewing figures-like other mainstream media outlets( CNN down 33% in 2019, BBC losing a million licence-payers over the past year)- are of course going southwards, hence this  contrived attempt by the far-left channel to show that they have some continuing relevance and importance.

Both party and broadcaster as two dodgy salesmen

But, it was hard not to see both party and broadcaster last night as two very dodgy salesmen peddling their wares to a public who have lost trust in both of them. It was truly desperate stuff all round.

The leadership contest itself is also full of ridiculous ironies. Old Etonian and establishment plant Rory Stewart is being touted as some kind of “man of the people” candidate based on a few contrived meet and greet sessions with members of the public. But with the kind of backing he is now receiving from the great and the good, it’s not inconceivable that he could be actually be one of the final two names on the ballot-sheet for the party members.

Threat of electoral oblivion concentrating minds

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson, almost universally reviled by most of his fellow Tory MP’s has built up what seems to be an unassailable position in the race, having amassed 114 votes in the 1st round of voting. The threat of electoral oblivion whenever a general election is eventually called seems to have concentrated minds wonderfully in that venomous snakepit that is the Conservative party at Westminster.

There’s no guarantees in politics, and there could still be some skullduggery at play, with Theresa May apparently declaring she’ll do anything she can in her final days in post to prevent Johnson from reaching No 10.

So expect that Johnson cupboard with all of his considerable skeletons amassed over the years to be rattled severely and opened wide over the next period. There’s even a suggestion that Trump’s declassification of the “Russian Collusion” FISA files could prove to be very compromising for Johnson who was Foreign Secretary in 2016.

But, should he manage to emerge unscathed and then negotiate a tricky general election, a Johnson premiership  in whatever shape or form would probably be good news for the Welsh Independence Campaign.

Jeremy Corbyn’s rapidly fading command-economy vision still pulls at a good few Welsh heartstrings, and their residual belief in Britain’s capacity to serve all of its constituent parts. He is in a way, the last throw of the dice for this particular vision.

Johnson on the other hand will deliver a red-blooded British exceptionalist agenda, predicated on the presumed greatness of England. Guaranteed to raise the shackles of the celtic nations of these isles. Just wait for his call to requisition water supplies from Wales and Scotland to slake the thirst of the power house of the south-east…….

A red-blooded British exceptionalist agenda

Johnson is of course a dissembler and chancer like no other. But if things do go his way, he is probably going to be the UK’s first conviction prime minister since Margaret Thatcher.

After the empty corporate schills of Blair and Brown, the blandness of Cameron and the dismal technocracy of May, Johnson delusionally imagines himself as a Churchillian-type figure who will restore the greatness of Britain on the world stage. There might well be a deep desire in England for this type of leadership. But in pursuing this agenda, he will no doubt prove himself to be the greatest recruiting sergeant for Welsh Independence.

There’s also the fact that after three years of fudge and delay, Johnson will have to deliver Brexit to ward off the threat of Farage’s emerging party.

However tough this is likely to prove in the short-term, this will allow the Welsh Independence movement to bind its wounds and move on to its next phase.

Over the past couple of years, too many nationalists here have been enticed by the siren-calls of a Guardian-type liberalism to believe that we should be focusing all our efforts on preventing Brexit, and even linking that position with Independence itself.

Future researchers will have a field day pondering how large segments of the national movement were co-opted into the liberalist camp these past years, believing all their tenets to be an essential and non-negotiable part of Welshness today.

But then as we’ve had 50 years of this pushed relentlessly by the Media, the University sector, NGO’S etc, etc  it’s been an insidious process which has managed to colonise people’s minds under the radar to all intents and purposes.

And one of the chief liberalist beliefs here today has been the one about the benevolence and virtue of the EU. Adopted almost as a semi-religious belief by people who have not really taken any time to investigate the real nature and agenda of the EU.

Finally lancing the Brexit boil

But once the Brexit boil is lanced later this year- more out of electoral pragmatism and the sheer dread of losing power than anything else- this will also serve to emancipate nationalists from the above narrative, so that everyone can coalesce again around the foundational cause of Independence.

EU- supporting nationalists will have to finally let go of their over-gnawed  bone and accept that any future EU membership should be a matter for the people of Wales in a referendum once independence has been achieved. They will be free to argue that point from a Welsh perspective, and a Welsh perspective alone.

Those of us who believe that Wales would be better served not only outside the UK but also outside the EU will be equally free to present our own arguments. A level playing field for all concerned.

So, if it is going to be Boris-bring it on……

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  1. I’m not convinced that Boris Johnson will be fighting off Nigel Farage. With Remainers uniting it’s not inconceivable that Johnson and Farage could team up in some way. And if that was to happen then the dividend for us could be even greater than Johnson alone.

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