Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

Bridging the divide beyond “Leave” versus “Remain”

The unexpected election- voters go to the polling stations today

TODAY, Thursday, May 23, 2019, the people of Wales are being asked to vote in order to elect four representatives from our country to sit in the European Parliament.

This vote is deeply problematical on several levels as the UK were officially scheduled to leave the EU on March 31, 2019, following the European Referendum in 2016. Soon to be departed PM Theresa May actually stated on no less than 108 separate occasions in Parliament that the UK would be leaving by this date. In a Welsh context, it should also be borne in mind that the vote was 54% – 46% for Leave here.

However, things are as they are, and as a new Welsh political party, Ein GWLAD acknowledge that it is an opportunity for voters here to express their opinions democratically, despite the less than optimum circumstances of this particular vote.

Respecting both sides of the Brexit divide

The party also acknowledge that people here in Wales have very strong views on both sides of the Brexit divide. We respect this fact, and as such we have decided not to take a definitive position on Brexit- a decision which has after all already been taken, and which is not in our gift to be able to effect in any realistic way .Our members and supporters have therefore been encouraged to rely upon their own consciences in casting their individual votes today.

As a party, our policy is to focus our efforts entirely on seeking new answers to Wales’s problems, whatever form of Brexit eventually emerges, in the wake of the fact that all the established parties have failed so abysmally in this situation.

Party games and elite thinking exposed like never before

“ The responsibility for this rests solely with the UK parties that sit in Westminster that govern our country. Their party games and elite thinking has finally exposed the system of government forced upon us, as being broken and corrupt” said Ein GWLAD interim leader, Gwyn Wigley Evans.

“It would be correct to say that many voters are confused and angry about the cost of this futile exercise, as we all have ideas where we could better spend this amount of money to tackle the different problems we have here in Wales” he said.

Mr. Evans added that Ein GWLAD are focusing on creating new answers to the mess that the establishment politicians have created, answers which will be pitched at both Leavers and Remainers in order to seek to bridge the sterile and damaging divide between both sections of the voting public since that initial vote in 2016.

Moving beyond the self-defeating “Leave” versus “Remain”

“We need to go beyond this tribal and self-defeating sense of defining ourselves as either “Leavers” or “Remainers”, and realise that we have to work together to create a better future for Wales- however people situated themselves back in 2016″

“We therefore extend an invitation for all who feel dispossessed and disempowered to join Ein GWLAD in the great cause of restoring the confidence of the Welsh people, and ensuring that Wales can gain its rightful place amongst the community of nations.” he said.

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