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Is THIS The Future We want For Our People – Their Children & Grandchildren?

A picture of desolation and depression. Long term poverty at a disastrous level in a land of plenty.

Wales – The ONLY Nation In The UK To See The Latest Increase In Poverty

I recall in 2007, the Labour (unionist) government at Y Senedd originally promising the eradication of poverty in Wales – that was on Rhodri Morgan’s watch I believe. He highlighted the Assembly Government’s target to eradicate child poverty in Wales by 2020.

Poverty is a scourge of society, both at home and abroad, and child poverty is in many ways the most unacceptable kind of poverty. . . ,  he said.

He went on to say:

What I’m talking about are children whose families are finding it a struggle to afford even the most basic things in life: food, clothes and heating in their homes – if they have a roof over their head.

What empty, hollow and insincere promises – never to be accomplished. The truth of the matter is Labour has as much to gain from eradicating poverty, as turkeys have  from voting for Christmas.

Whilst obviously, some, who have been involved with governing our country from Y Senedd over the past twenty years are genuine about eradicating poverty,. The ideology of the progressive liberal socialist party based in London prevents that. There are sound reasons for them adopting the policies that they do.

Labour – The Party of Poverty

A sad picture of deprivation, poverty, hopelessness and depression

Which nation in the UK has had Labour rule – without a break – for over twenty years? Wales. Which country is the poorest in the UK? Wales. Which country in the UK  has been shown to be the only one with increased poverty based on a recent survey? You’ve guessed it – Wales.

It’s not rocket science to come to the conclusion that the common denominator is the  British ‘unionist’ party –  Labour.

Labour during it’s existence has  been the party that has used poverty and deprivation as it’s rallying call to it’s supporters. They’ve portrayed themselves as the party of the worker and their slogan (straight from the Frankfurt School, or Institute for Social Research, set up by a group of Marxist intellectuals in Germany in 1923) has been “Workers of the world unite”, but with a caveat. Poverty needs to be kept, because without poverty, Labour loses it’s core vote. 

A young coal picker during the miners strike, her hands blackened by the coal (Image: Leslie Price)

Promising the eradication of poverty, means that poor people are given hope. If that poverty eradication programme is efficient, then eradicating poverty will make Labour votes disappear. Consequently Labour have to tread a fine line. They have to be heard saying something about poverty, whilst at the same time, keeping vast areas poor so that the electorate in those areas continue to vote Labour. A clever ploy. This has served them well, but the mask is slipping. After twenty years in power in Y Senedd, the reality is coming to light.

Wales, thanks to a lack of realisation amongst the electorate, is suffering, as it always has, either from Westminster rule, or from the policies handed down to Cardif from the two big ‘Brit-Nat’ parties since devolution – the Tories and Labour. The Tories blame mismanagement by Labour in Y Senedd, Labour blames the Tories in Westminster. The Tories have no empathy or sympathy for the poor, because they give the appearance of a party of privilege, with psychopathic attitudes towards the lesser off.

Plaid Cymru are destined to do the same as the progressive liberal Labour socialist brand, because their policies just mimic the London based Labour party, in fact it could be called a green coloured Labour party with a Welsh accent. Consequently, we will continue to turn in a downward spiral of deprivation and poverty. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT. 

Things will NOT change, because the way these parties work is archaic and inefficient.  Albert Einstein was pretty near the mark when he said:

If the same things are done over and over by these ‘unionist’ parties as they have for two centuries – by  incessant repetition whilst expecting a different result, then the haunting photo at the head of this article will continue with us. 

A Few Cases in Point

One in three people in Mountain Ash are on anti-depressants, it has been claimed.

The statistics relate to areas in Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT). RCT has been under Labour rule since time imemorial.

Almost half of children living in Penrhiwceiber are said to be in poverty.

The figure for the town near Aberdare is triple the figure Cwm Taf University Health Board says is the regional average – one in nine for the Cwm Taf area, which covers RCT and Merthyr Tydfil.

Wales was the only UK nation to see a rise in child poverty last year, according to research by charities. It suggested 29.3% of children were in poverty in 2017-18, a rise of 1%.

Sean O’Neill, of Children in Wales, said parents had to make “impossible choices” between feeding themselves or their children.

The Welsh Government blamed policies set by the UK government, which said it was helping families improve their lives through work. Empty words worth nothing.

The research by Loughborough University was commissioned for the End Child Poverty Network, a coalition of organisations which includes Children in Wales, Oxfam Cymru, Barnardo’s Cymru and Save The Children. It suggested more than 206,000 Welsh children were living in poverty in 2017-18.

A child is considered to be growing up in poverty if they are living in a household where the income is below 60% of the median income.

It found the Cardiff South and Penarth, Cynon Valley and Rhondda constituencies had the highest proportion in Wales – all at 35% – after housing costs are taken into account.

Around a third of children living in Valleys council areas like Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Merthyr Tydfil and Rhondda Cynon Taf were all in widespread and deep poverty.

This not a problem that just effects south Wales and the Valleys. Note from the table above: top of the list is Penrhiwceiber, the next three wards that are acute sufferers of this poverty pandemic is Wrecsam. It’s ALL over our country. 

Mr O’Neill of Children in Wales, said:

In far too many parts of Wales, growing up in poverty is no longer the exception, with more children expected to get swept up in poverty in the coming years.What this means on a day-to-day basis is that parents are having to make really impossible choices. They have to make a choice about whether they feed their children, go without food themselves, and things that many people take for granted – like heating and leisure facilities. Parents are really struggling just to get by.

As well as calling for a new strategy to tackle poverty, the coalition wants Wales’ political parties to commit themselves to “ambitious” child poverty reduction pledges in the run-up to the 2021 Assembly elections.

It also wants a “credible” child poverty reduction strategy from the UK government, including restoring the link between benefits and inflation and investing in children’s services. Will they realise that goal? Not a snowflakes chance in Hell. The system is broken, crippled by the ideology of the main ‘Unionist’ parties who don’t give a hoot about us as a nation – as long as they can harvest votes to stay in power from an electorate that has been duped. 

Poverty is linked to shorter life expectancy

There is a gap of around 15 years in healthy life expectancy among those who live in the most deprived parts of Wales compared to those in the least deprived parts of the nation.

There is also concern about the impact of poverty on family life. There is a higher share of households with children where the parents have separated in Wales (37%) than in England (29%), Scotland (30%) or Northern Ireland (30%).

Nearly one in four people in Wales lives in poverty – and it is on the rise among pensioners, single people and couples with children. There is concern that progress on child poverty has “stalled”.

Working families are trapped in poverty

Families whose members are in work are also at risk of poverty, with rising living and housing costs, cuts to working-age benefits and “poor-quality jobs” blamed. Nearly half of lone parents still live in poverty.

Wales has a population of around 3.1m but 710,000 people are understood to be in poverty. This number includes 185,000 children, 405,000 working-age adults, and 120,000 pensioners.

Nearly four out of 10 (39%) of disabled people are in poverty – the highest in the UK – compared to 22% of those without disabilities.

Ein Gwlad Comment

An incurable problem? Hardly. You only have to look at other small countries around the world that have achieved independence – the vast majority thrive – especially on the European continent (nothing to do with EU membership by the way).

We desperately need independence. However before we achieve that, we need to start putting our house in order. The only way to start the process is to stop voting for foreign Unionist parties who are parked in our Senedd.

Labour will continue to keep vast areas of Wales poor – for their own selfish ideological reasons.

The Conservative and Unionist Party simply don’t care, and are totally cruel and emotionless when they deal with us as a nation. We are a non entity in their eyes.

Plaid Cymru  just hasn’t got the raw talent to think it out or create policies to deal with it. At the end of the day,  they’ve lost their way completely, thanks to their aping of  London Labour’s progressive liberal direction.  And of course they still haven’t woken up to the fact that they are doing politics in the old fashioned way of 100 years ago. They have not yet realised that politics have moved on in the 21st century.  Establishment based parties are dead in the water.

In Wales we need a totally new and fresh approach, based on the policies of the syncretic parties that are popping up all over Europe and in the process kicking the traditionally referred to (old) ‘right’, ‘centre’ ‘left’ parties into oblivion. This is a fight back by the people against the elites, globalists, bankers  and the defunct establishment parties. It’s a new dawn that’s breaking on the horizon.

With our central policy of a Citizens (Universal) Income, and a flat rate tax system, we can start the transformation immediately. We have set out in our manifesto for the 2021 elections,  what our goals are, and how we propose to achieve them. Unlike the other parties who promise the earth, then change their policies after they are elected and come up with the same old repeated situation – where poverty reigns supreme in our colonised country that’s ruled by others for their selfish  ends.

It just needs the people to open their eyes, and wake up from the mesmerising influence of the parties that hold sway in Y Senedd. A vote for Ein Gwlad in the next Senedd elections will be a step towards eradication of the remorseless pressure of deprivation.

We are the ONLY political party that puts independence at the TOP of it’s goals agenda. We are the only party who has a vision based on new thinking that will guide us to the prosperity we deserve as a free nation and free people. 

We are not a party of career politicians who just spout sound-bites to spread their ideology. 

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