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A Bank Holiday treat to jog the memory – from Ioan Richard

Journalist A. A. Gill (Original Photo: Terry O'Neill/Getty). Published in The Spectator

Raking Over Old Coals That Should Be Forgotten?

Far be it for Gwlad Gwlad (Ein Gwlad) to stir up old animosities, or to incite bad feelings between ourselves and our big neighbours on the other side of Offa’s Dyke, but some things are too important to be forgotten.

We unequivocally and categorically state that we do not hate the English as a nation (I’m married to an English woman). What we DO hate is the treatment that has been dished out to us as a nation, by the English establishment over many centuries, and it continues up to this day – it is no secret why Wales is the most impoverished and deprived nation in western Europe. The indefensible cannot be defended. We have, and still are treated as a colonised nation – since we were first conquered, annexed and subjugated by Edward I (commonly known as ‘Long shanks’). We have been seen as lesser second class citizens of the UK, and treated very much the same as other colonised countries conquered by the British (English) Empire. That mentality by our oppressors is still alive and well in 2019.

Who Was A. A. Gill?

Adrian Anthony Gill (28 June 1954 – 10 December 2016) was a British writer and critic. Best known for food and travel writing, he was The Sunday Times’ restaurant reviewer as well as a television critic. He also wrote for Vanity Fair, GQ and Esquire, and published numerous books.

It’s not for us to speak ill of the dead, but in Gill’s case, his past statements which are on record, are ample evidence of a sinister hate merchant. Below the surface he hid a very dark racist mindset, most of his vitriol was aimed in particular at Wales and the Welsh. The worst aspect of this was that his employer the Sunday Times, condoned his actions, and happily published his racist rants over a considerable period of time. This is evidence that within the establishment, and particularly amongst their propaganda mouthpieces in the press, there is little doubt that the English establishment are suffering from institutionalised racism. It goes back a long way, and has only occasionally been exposed – as for instance in the Stephen Lawrence murder enquiry.

His Connections With the Upper Echelons of Westminster

Mr. & Mrs. Gill in happier days on the canvassing trail.

In 1990 he was married to Amber Rudd, and they had two children together. Rudd – as we all know has been one of the leading lights in the Conservative and Unionist Party at Westminster. It beggars belief that she was not wholly aware of his racist attitudes and hateful scribbles in the Sunday Times. However not a whisper of opposition from her, or other raw high society cult acolytes.

Amber Augusta Rudd (born 1 August 1963) is a British politician serving as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions since 16 November 2018. A member of the Conservative Party, she served as Home Secretary from July 2016 to April 2018. Rudd was first elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Hastings and Rye in 2010. She identifies herself as a one-nation conservative, and has been associated with both economically liberal and socially liberal policies.

She was appointed Home Secretary in the May Government on 13 July 2016, and given the additional role of Minister for Women and Equalities in January 2018. 

His Other ‘Pals’

Here he is in a ‘cwtch’ with his mate Boris of Eton, Bullingdon Club & Tory front bench fame, and who knows – possibly a future Conservative Leader? Then – God forbid – a prospective UK Prime Minister!

Little wonder that everyone turned a blind eye to this pathetic racist from England. His explanation was that it was all well meaning humour. Yes they all say that don’t they? Did his ambitious wife and ‘pals’ split their sides laughing when he said that to them?

Enter a Little Known Councillor (Outside Wales That Is)

Nothing got done about Gill’s hideous racism, until a Swansea Councillor took it upon himself to officially complain to the Race Relations Board, Gill had got away scot-free with disgraceful racist remarks and derogatory statements about the Welsh. To their chagrin, no one made any attempt to formally or officially complain on our behalf.

Ioan M. Richard – former community, city councillor and former mayor of Swansea City

According to former community/ city councillor and past mayor of Swansea City, Ioan Richard (who after 41 years of faithful service retired some time ago). He first took his complaint to Plaid Cymru – Ioan had been a former member of Plaid Cymru. Their response? They did not think it was worth rocking the boat, because it might sour their relationship with the Sunday Times. The then leader of Plaid (now a Lord in the upper house) suggested that Plaid’s relationship with the London press should not be tarnished! A fat lot of good that ploy has been then!

So Ioan took it upon himself to do something about the situation. He simply went to the local police station in Cocket, Swansea. Where he walked up to the counter and told the PC on duty that he wanted to make an official complaint regarding incitement to racial hatred. He also had with him a detailed and carefully compiled copy of everything that Gill had published via the Sunday times.

The constable read it, and determined that it was not sufficient to carry out an investigation. Not happy with this, Ioan insisted on seeing a senior officer. When an inspector came to the desk and read his paperwork, he remarked that this was disgraceful, and without shadow of a doubt in his mind was blatant evidence of an act of incitement to racial hatred.

From there, the complaint was passed on to the Met. in London. Consequently Gill was visited by the police and given an official caution about his behaviour. Did anyone see that printed as a newspaper story? Probably not – because the embarrassing incident was neatly brushed under the carpet – by you know who.

Where Our News Portal Comes In

This weekend, Ioan contacted us, asking if we would publish this information, along with his contribution (see below). He feels that these things need to be kept at the forefront of our younger generation’s minds, so that the memory of the treatment that we have had to suffer is not forgotten. We agree. If we don’t do it, who will?

So here’s Ioan’s own account of things.

Some years ago “The Sunday Times” ran a weekly racist column against the people of Wales written by the late obnoxious A.A.Gill. Here below is a short list of what “The Sunday Times” published weekly.

Despite the protestations of a few, the Press Council and Plaid Cymru failed to voice their protest. It took one individual from Swansea, to make a complaint formally to the Police of incitement to racial hatred. After a Police investigation Gill was formally cautioned of the offence of “incitement to racial hatred”.

The insults stopped immediately. Why drag this up now? Well, Plaid Cymru said at the time it was just humour. The Police thought differently. Young Welsh people may not remember this. It’s time they read about it and gave their opinion today. Was it just humour or incitement to racism? :-

A few examples of offensive, sexist and racist ANTI WELSH material from “The Sunday Times”:-

(1)   [referring to Wales]  It ought to be called the un-principality.The Welsh would not recognise a principle if sheep wore them as underpants.

(2)   {referring to a Film about Wales] This film was a story of incontinent, mendacious fornication, child abuse, drug addiction, prostitution, depression and despair, all on the dole. In fact, it was an every day story of Valley girls. There was so much thoughtless serial rutting that it should have been called La Rhondda. It was brilliantly convincing…………….. By God, it was Wales.

(3)   Now the Welsh women and make-up. If you look Welsh, you do see the problem. You either mortgage the house and go for it with a trowel, or just forget about it as being a bigger job than painting the Forth bridge.

(4)   Valley kids were revealed as the most likely to be criminal no hopers who believe further education and training is a stupid waste of time.

(5)   The Welsh are particularly mean about vowels. They are mean about everything, of course, but they hoard their vowels for eisteddfods.

(6)   [referring to a Welsh Hotel] I know it’s actually in Wales, but it has got a carpet, so it counts as English.

(7)   A group of sporting personalities were asked to drop-kick an amusing goal over quarter sized posts. They all failed. So Wales will be seriously considering them for next season.

(8)   His guardsmen were typically Welsh; mournful, pudding-faced stoical moaners. You could see why the regiment’s nickname  is “the Sheepshaggers” they spend a lot of time crouching with intent in fields.

(9)   I hate Japanese tourists most of all. I would hate the Welsh even more, but there aren’t any Welsh tourists; they are too mean and they do not have the wanderlust of the Japanese.

(10)    Being my agent is about as profitable as being a Welsh dental hygienist.

(11)    Gastronomically, Wales is a foodie “diversion-free” zone. You can easily travel from Cardiff to Anglesey without ever stimulating a tastebud.

(12)     Wales enjoys a panoramic range of prejudice. We all know they are loquacious dissemblers, immoral liars, stunted, bigoted, dark ugly, pugnacious little trolls. If you find a two faced Welshman, then back home in the valleys they think he’s been short changed in the boat race department. Television has tried to create  a series made up entirely of Welsh people, but only the Welsh have the stomach to watch them. God knows what they say about the rest of us on their own channel. As Rabbie Burns said “a man’s a man for a’ that” – unless of course he’s Welsh.

(13)    I yield to nobody in my deep concern for the malingering man of Europe – the gargoyle-visaged Welsh. With innate disregard for veracity they have traduced my charitable concern for their hideous blighted country and are reported as saying that I called them “hideous trolls”. Nothing could be further from the truth. They go on to whine that my honest observations are affecting inward investment, that the truth may damn the cornucopia of Asian electronic companies paying them to lift televisions and videos a skill all Welsh lads learn as children in the holiday homes of their English neighbours. The clear light of truth may hurt.

(14)           … the Welsh. All they’ve ever been systematically humiliated with are copious Giros and repeat prescriptions of pessaries for ovine cystitis.


Ein Gwlad Comment

Apart from Gill’s hideous behaviour, the others that are culpable here are those who are in office to protect us. We refer specifically to the nationalist party that refused to highlight the matter – for fear of upsetting the Fleet Street press! In our view that is unforgivable. Pandering to the press, and refusing to protect us as a nation is simply a dereliction of duty and unmitigated treachery. Have they learnt their lesson in naivety? Sadly not.  Where on earth is their sense – if they believe they can solicit support from the mainstream press and media by hiding truths and running away from their responsibilities? 

This recall of the Gill incident by Ioan Richard is one small example  of an unjust and  racially loaded attitude towards lesser nations in the UK.  There are plenty of other examples, like the time Tony Bliar muttered into an open mike (without realising he was being recorded), and was heard to say “those fucking Welsh”. It caused just a quickly skated over blip of an incident in the news  media. Now imagine if Gill or Bliar had said the same things about the Jews, Muslims or black ethnic community. There would have been riots on the streets.

This is partially our own fault. We don’t stand up for ourselves when we are  racially abused or trodden down. It is especially the fault of political parties that are supposed to be fighting our corner. It is also the fault of the electorate in Wales, who continue to vote for foreign unionist parties on our soil.

It makes one wonder if our fellow countrymen are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Thank heavens there are still some true patriots like Ioan Richard about.

Ein Gwlad pledge, that under our watch incidences like this will be a thing of the past. But only the electorate can decide that, and to make up their minds they need more evidence of what has happened and is STILL happening here in Wales.

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