Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

Yet Another Blow for the Establishment’s Elites

Globalist media and establishment institutions are in full-blown panic mode after a surge in the popularity of a 'populist' outsider - Volodymyr Zelensky.

Volodymyr Zelensky rode a populist, anti-corruption message straight to the presidency.

Ukrainians yesterday (Sunday) overwhelmingly voted to make Vladimir Zelenskiy their next president — ushering in a new era of politics in the struggling country.

People are waking up in country after country across Europe and beyond. They are putting ‘people’ back in power, the Nationalist Populist parties are being put in power, instead of the traditional establishment parties. It’s a tsunami sized wave that is sweeping Europe, and we are so proud at Gwlad Gwlad (Ein Gwlad) that we are at the forefront of that people’s revolt here in Wales. The globalists, banksters, fraudsters, elitists and the corrupt establishment politicians and their propaganda mainstream media machines are looking increasingly like a forlorn Canute-like figure, sitting on a chair on the beach, willing the tide not to come in.

Time to realise that the tide cannot be turned back. The old establishment political system is a dead man walking. The people have been pushed too far – now the establishment is reaping what it has sown for a couple of centuries. The people are waking and on the move!

What’s triggered this in Ukraine?

The people of Ukraine have severe problems of corruption, mismanagement, plundering of wealth, resources and being forced to take loan after loan from globalist institutions, these issues have gotten worse in recent times in Ukraine. Ukrainians were victims of exploitation by globalist forces who didn’t care at all about providing them with a brighter future, and sadly, life satisfaction has plunged even more among Ukrainians since the Maidan Revolution. We know what it’s like to have a low life satisfaction under colonial rule dictated to us by a corrupt nest of politicians, acting on behalf of the British establishment.

Similarities in Wales

Vladimir Zelenskiy is a young charismatic populist outsider a comedian (which is really highlighted by the establishment), screenwriter, and actor by profession, but what is not reported in the media is that he is also very savvy – as a trained lawyer, who went into politics after seeing governments Pro Russian and Pro-Western make life worse for Ukrainians, as they steal more and more money, they plunge the wealth that Ukrainian people could have, but is stolen by corrupt parliamentarians, bureaucrats, and oligarchs. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? In Wales you could say the same thing – as we have been exploited for decades, not by Pro Russian and Pro-Western forces, but by colonial rule under the two main unionist ‘London’ parties – Labour & the Conservatives. Often aided and abetted (especially when it comes to the London Labour party) by Wales’ other nationalist party, who are reduced to copying the policies of foreign socialist parties.

Zelensky’s agenda –  shocking for Liberals and Neocons alike!

The clearest item on Zelensky’s agenda is one which seeks to enforce the rule of law and bring justice against all of the criminal oligarchs and corrupt politicians, parliamentarians and bureaucrats who steal from the Ukrainian people, who exploit the country, and who stand in the way of Ukrainians seeking the better future they deserve. He has made it an important goal of his “Servant of the People” Party to make sure it is filled with political outsiders, ordinary people who go into politics not to steal the wealth of Ukrainians, but to serve for the good of a country who needs good people. He is a man of integrity and a ferocious warrior against corruption, and no amount of media attempts to smear him can change his record. It is shocking for liberals and neocons. This is just the latest in in the people’s response to years of being exploited and taken for granted.

In that regard he has the overwhelming backing of his co-Ukranians and other National Populist parties across the globe. Times are changing for the better, and it’s happening quickly, as each electoral opportunity presents itself. 

Is this just a blip? Hardly!

This is what what 73% support looks like across all the regions of Ukraine. It also shows what 24% of support looks like for the establishment’s man. It speaks for itself.

What’s Zelensky’s background?

He is young, charismatic and thinks laterally (as all National Populist parties tend to do – Ein Gwlad included). What we are doing is breaking away from the mindset of the old traditional parties and their way of thinking, in order to readdress the balance when it comes to freedom, justice , equality and fair play. 

Not all National Populist parties have exactly the same policies, as those vary depending on the culture, traditions and needs of the country they operate in. The ONE thing they ALL have in common is that they want to wrestle control back from the corrupt establishment and it’s poodle parties. ALL National Populist parties are opposed to the old archaic political system, that looks after itself, instead of the people. Everything is weighted to ensure that the  interests of the 1% are cared for, but paid for by the sweat and contribution of the citizens. Wherever possible the establishment still believes in Empire and the subjugation of smaller countries as colonies. National Populists on the other hand believe in the uniqueness of individual nations and their basic human right to rule themselves and not be assimulated into other nations and cultures.

Wait for the backlash.

Long may he reign, he’ll have a battery of gnashing teeth amongst the old brigade establishment organisations who will stop at nothing to project a negative image and will fight tooth and nail to reverse this tsunami – but it’s in vain, because we are the many who have decided to revolt against the few who have ruled over us for far too long.

The mainstream media will already be in a huddle plotting how to portray him in a negative light, or they’ll do a news blackout on him and his ‘Servant of the People‘ Party. Both will be doomed to failure, because increasingly people don’t trust the mainstream media and increasingly go to find their information from truthful outlets on the internet. As stated before – the establishment and their propaganda media mouthpieces are ‘dead men walking’.

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