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Is Brexit the REAL reason for a ‘POISONOUS’ ATMOSPHERE in Y Senedd?

At the height of the ‘Russiaphobia’ period, everything that went wrong (or was contrived to have gone wrong) in the west, was blamed on Putin or Putin’s Russia – even the election of Donald Trump and the Brexit referendum.

A MEME I saw at the time, stuck in my mind. It read “I burned my toast this morning – blame it on the Russians!”. How convenient!

Because of the general ‘sheeple’ mentality of many people, the establishment like nothing better than to find a whipping boy or a scapegoat for their problems. It also causes fear and insecurity in people’s minds. This is put to great use by our wonderful politicians who are slaves to the establishment. Any psychologist will tell you that a person who is fearful, is particularly vulnerable to control, and can be manipulated very easily. Brexit has been a wonderful tool for that job.


The Genie is Out of the Bottle

There’s a monster on the loose and it’s out of control. What’s happened is, society has been split thanks in the main to stupid politicians. They’ve wound people up to breaking point along with their choir masters in the media , and that follows the pattern of the main political parties who are also hopelessly split. Sick of it? We certainly are.

Furthermore the whole thing has been fuelled by politicians putting their own party ideology, ethos, dogmas and doctrines before a genuine effort to carry out the wishes of the majority. The mentality seems to be that ‘my party’ comes first, everything else, including the welfare of the people comes second. So Brexit has been blamed for creating a “poisonous” atmosphere in Y Senedd by a number of AMs. That of course is not a blanket situation, there are some politicians out there who are genuine and concerned – they have just been swept along by a wave of emotion under the influence of others.

Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood said there has been a noticeable deterioration in Y Senedd, with exchanges there less civilised – blame Brexit.


Labour’s Llanelli AM Lee Waters believes this is a reflection of the division in broader society caused by Brexit. It follows almost three years of heated debate in the House of Commons around the UK’s exit from the EU. We say it’s not politicians being influenced by the public, but the public starting to wake up to the shenanigans of politicians.


Also recently in Y Senedd, Blaenau Gwent AM Alun Davies referred to a tweet from former UKIP and now Tory South Wales East AM Mark Reckless. It read: “We won, you lost. If you block Brexit and democracy you will reap what you sow.” We say that’s nearer the mark.

Mr Davies said:

That is the language that leads to threats to my partner (Cardiff North MP Anna McMorrin); it’s what leads to police officers in my home, protecting my family, and it is your language that’s doing that. And by doing so, you undermine our democracy and you should be deeply, deeply ashamed of yourself.

Codswallop. If he and his playmates in Plaid (they are like Siamese twins these days), had simply followed the basic rules of democracy, then we wouldn’t have this outpouring of bile. Furthermore he would not be experiencing the problems he’s having at home. We vehemently denounce what some are doing, and it’s hideous that verbal attacks and threats are made against anyone, on either side. But the old proverb holds true, ‘sow thorn seeds and you’ll harvest thorns’. The people simply don’t like being taken for granted, more so they dislike being the victims of what they perceive to be a dedicated effort to nullify their voices or water down what they unequivocally demonstrated in a fair and just referendum. THAT’S what triggers hatred, pent up aggression and eventually riots on the streets. It’s not rocket science Mr. Davies.

Now, as with the ‘blame the Russians’ mantra the usual suspects in Y Senedd have suddenly blamed Brexit, and more specifically, Brexiteers, for the ‘poisonous’ atmosphere in Y Senedd. If indeed that is true, then they need to wake up to the fact that what they should be doing in the Cardiff Docks Bubble is concentrating on what they need to do for OUR country (Cymru/ Wales) rather than fart around bickering over an event that has happened, and that they, in any case, have absolutely no control or influence over. They need to face the fact, that we, as a satellite colonial country, along with Scotland, with no say in our own affairs, are wholly controlled by the UK government at Westminster. You can weep and wail, whichever side you’re on, but the reality is you can’t do a bean about it. Your voice, regardless of how loud you shout, has the same effect as trying to raise the level of the ocean by weeing in it.

We are no fans of Mark Reckless, or the parties he has represented, however, what he tweeted is absolutely right. People need to ‘get over it’. What seems to have been overlooked by these whingers and blame attributers in Y Senedd is that the majority of the voters who took part in the referendum in Wales did indeed vote out. Now in our book of democratic decisions, we’ve always been led to believe that when a vote of that sort is taken, then our representatives in government are obliged, in a fair democratic system, to carry out the wishes of their master – THE PEOPLE. Failing to do that is indeed what does cause unrest and it’s sometimes ugly outpouring.

The Complication

Instead of getting on with the job of properly and fairly executing the will of the people of the UK, what has happened is the ‘remainers’ have not admitted defeat graciously. Instead they’ve messed about for three years trying to dilute the simple issue of exercising a leave strategy. Of course, the undemocratic, and unelected ‘grey suits’ in the EU have aided and abetted this mess. At it’s foundation is a conspiracy to limit damage, make it as difficult as possible, and when all else fails become so awkward and stubborn that the whole process grinds to a halt – as we’ve seen. There is also an element of dishing out punishment as a message to other EU nations, who may want to follow suite in the future.

Ein Gwlad’s Stand on Brexit

We have, from the start, taken the view that if you’re helpless – totally paralyzed – to do anything about the situation, then the pragmatic policy to adopt is to stand back and let things sort themselves out. Sadly, we are frozen out of things in Wales, and as stated earlier, because of our colonial status, we do not have a meaningful voice in these matters. We are governed by a foreign party – the Unionist leaning London Labour party – that really should have no say in our internal affairs. Much less the right to rule us in our own country. The same applies to the Tories, UKIP and the Lib Dems. We, and we alone, should have our own parties, that compete to form a government on our soil, a country with it’s own full sovereign rights. In which case WE would have decided what WE  wanted regarding membership of the EU. Instead we are in the position of a child who has to do as it’s told by it’s parents, whatever it wishes.

Some within Ein Gwlad voted to stay in the EU, but the majority voted to leave. I voted to leave, not because of the red herring issues (xenophobia, immigration, economics or racism) that were kept at the forefront of the debate by the mainstream media (who just happen to be the voice pieces of the establishment), but because the EU is a stepping stone to a global totalitarian regime. The objective is to form a world government, at which time we will ALL lose our freedoms, without an option to change things. There will be no individual nations with their own unique identities. We already see the direction it’s going in, by the way the EU is developing and the people’s voice is getting increasingly shut down. Not least by the thought police who outlaw free speech and instead encourage bullying through political correctness.

Ein Gwlad has no splits, unlike the other establishment parties, because for us it’s not an issue. In the words of one of our steering committee members – who incidentally voted to remain –

“When the battle is over and the dust settles, we will pick the carcasses of the old parties that will have perished on the battle field”.

Whatever the outcome, we are in a position where we will have to make the best of things, because we have no say in the matter, neither have other parties – like Plaid Cymru. So why do they get involved? Or is it a case of jumping on the nearest band-wagon that happens to be passing. Unlike them, we will not have alienated anyone – regardless of how they voted in the referendum. To us, what’s important is the defence of our identity as a nation, the goal of getting freedom and gaining independence as a sovereign state, and equally as important – establishing ourself as a small prosperous nation with proper levels of health, education and standards of living – – without corruption, exploitation or the subjugation we’ve suffered for too long under imperial rule.

We will not get distracted from that, and with our inherent lateral thinking – outside of the box, we will never have to look for a band-wagon to jump on – we’ll leave that to the dinosaur establishment parties, who are increasingly being replaced all over Europe by modern parties that have the same mindset as our own.

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  1. Dear Gwilym,
    Great article! I wholeheartedly agree that ‘Russiaphobia’ has been used by the Establishment to blame their way out of any sticky situation, akin to PM May blaming everyone but herself regarding Brexit! I would definitely trust President Putin to anything that the eu has to offer!
    Diolch yn Fawr
    Laurence Williams – Llundain

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