Sat. May 25th, 2019

Manifesto Feedback

On 11th March, after much discussion, deliberation and effort, Ein Gwlad published our first manifesto. We had previously published our vision and values and highlighted some of our key policies, but this was the first opportunity for the general public to view our position on a wide range of issues, and these can be viewed again here.

Positive Feedback

We are delighted with the reaction to our manifesto and we have recieved many positive comments – not just from our supporters, but also from our political adversaries, such as this:

I don’t agree with all your policies, but it is refreshing to know someone somewhere is engaging their brains on the issues facing Wales today!! The more ideas that go into the pot, the better. The de facto one-party state is not a good situation.

..and the Western Mail

Of course there were the usual detractors – Plaid loyalists and Labour apologists – who can not see beyond their entrenched and preconceived views, and Martin Shipton’s article in yesterdays Western Mail was entirely predictable.

‘Shippo’ has ignored 95% of our policies and instead focussed on one single issue – citizenship – which is a neccesary policy for any sovereign nation. As usual most of his criticisms were quoted out of context to spin his personal political view, and yet he missed one key point. Our proposals are based on the citizenship and property owning requirements of the Channel Islands – not exactly radical!

Due to his newspapers dwindling readership we are not particularly concerned with his opinion and simply ask that people take the time to read our manifesto in full and then make their own mind up – rather than be misguided by his ‘fake news’.

Unintended Praise?

But we were very pleased to hear the response of David Davies (MP for Monmouth). He suggested that we

‘probably consider Plaid Cymru to be rampant Unionists’.

This is exactly what we have been saying from Day One of Ein Gwlad!!! Plaid have cosied up to the other unionist parties and abandoned nationalism in favour of their comfortable positions with enhanced salaries in the Senedd.

Like a stopped clock, even David Davies can be right sometimes!

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