Sat. May 25th, 2019

Our Party MANIFESTO – the big day has arrived!

Today We Published!

“Act in haste and repent at leisure” is an old saying we take very seriously at Ein GWLAD.

Everything we do, we do in increments. We carefully plan, we meticulous research, we discuss in depth – with ALL our members – not just within our Steering Committee, and we march forward unerringly, after taking our decisions from the bottom up.

Everything is done democratically, inclusively and fairly. Everyone has an input and we only proceed when we have the mandate of majority decisions. After all, how could we declare that we are a party of the people, if we did not do things that way?

So many campaign groups and new political parties in Wales, have in the past, fallen foul of not learning to walk before they can run. We believe that planning and cautious advance with no mistakes and no repetition of  falling into the bear traps that others have fallen into in the past – to their sad chagrin – will befall us. Our mission is too important for us to fail our beloved country.

Today our communications officer issued a press and media release.

Where’s your manifesto then?

So many times we’ve heard that question. Often we’ve been castigated or scorned by our detractors for not having published a manifesto. Manifestos can be written on the back of an envelope – it’s still a manifesto, but is it worth reading? On the other hand, we’ve spent a lot of our time and energy putting our manifesto together, with a lot of thought and lateral thinking. Thinking outside of the box is our party trademark.

You will not catch Ein GWLAD aping other parties or copying their policies. That is for those who are lazy, disinterested and prefer to suck up to the establishment and it’s old fashioned way of conducting political business. We are a different modern breed of party, our immediate aim is to gain independence and a sovereign status for Wales. We  will do that in exactly the same way as we have formed our party and progressed unerringly forward from that point on.

With the wave of support for independence that is welling up in Wales, we will, with the support of those ‘indy’ groups, achieve our goal and put our policies for the 21st century to work on behalf of our country and her people.

Our manifesto – where to find it?

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