Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

Plaid Cymru names candidate for Assembly elections 2021

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Llanelli Candidate revealed

Plaid Cymru have revealed Helen Mary Jones as their candidate for the 2021 Assembly elections by local party members.

However, the decision is awaiting to be formally ratified by Plaid HQ

Jones has said:

I have served before as Llanelli Assembly Member, elected in 1999, and in 2007 with a record majority for any party in the Llanelli constituency. I know we can win and have learnt from the disappointments in the past.

These are difficult times, for Wales and for our communities. We desperately need a Plaid Cymru government to stand up for Wales and to begin delivering the vital improvements to our economy and our public services that we all so desperately need.

I’m asking for the support of the people of Llanelli to play my part in delivering a Plaid Cymru Government in 2021 and in giving Llanelli communities the representation in our Senedd they deserve.

Ein Gwlad Comment:

A well-respected source has given us, at Ein Gwlad, an insight into the voting details for Helen Mary Jones’ candidacy.

According to the source only 49 people voted for Jones with 5 going to another potential candidate, but the source also stated before the 2017 UK elections membership was said to be around 200.

This must come as a shock to readers considering the recent claim of an increase in membership in the party.

We can only speculate, but either the other members didn’t vote, or this is a more accurate level of members within Llanelli Plaid.

If it is the case that this is an accurate level of membership in Llanelli, then it casts doubt over Plaid HQ’s claims of a significant increase in membership across Wales.

After what can only be described as a cheap gimmick (after Adam Price’s selection as leader), of offering free membership, it’s unfortunate that this has come to light now.

It certainly won’t help their cause that Helen Mary Jones doesn’t even live in Llanelli, but Cardiff

Plaid Plans Party Name Change

Angus Robertston, former SNP leader at Westminster, has conducted a review on Plaid Cymru.

He says:

Plaid need an image and message that will find a common appeal across all of Wales.

Plaid’s vote share ranges from 10% at its lowest to 24% at its projected (not actual) highest in 2021. The actual numbers range from just under 300 thousand to over 670 thousand respectively.

Roberston might be on to something. He continues;

There should be a more inclusive brand for the party,

His report goes on to say:

Choosing the name Plaid Cymru Newydd / New Wales Party […] may be one way forward that merits discussion.

The Welsh language is both and at the same time a strength and weakness for Plaid Cymru.

Plaid performs well amongst voters who are strong Welsh identifiers, and a key part of Welsh identification is associated with the language.

However, such is the close relationship of Plaid Cymru with the language, for many Welsh people – whether they are Welsh speakers or not – Plaid Cymru is seen as solely the party of and for the Welsh language.

As a result, he says,

Plaid Cymru struggles to reach out to non-Welsh speakers and struggles to present itself as an all-Wales party.

In response to these dilemmas, there needs to be a determined effort to craft an image and a message that will find a common appeal across the whole of Wales.

Ein Gwlad Comment:

Going by the huge amount of comments circulating the Social Media world, a name change will alienate a lot of people in Plaid Cymru and potentially any new Plaid Cymru voters or new members.

Some might be wondering why Ein Gwlad are concerned with what’s going on within Plaid Cymru? The simple answer is, Plaid are the only other political party in Wales that say they support independence.

It matters that another party with supposedly the same goal of independence as us makes big changes such as changing the party name. It matters to those in Plaid and to those on the outside – because it could have a bearing on our country’s ability to gain independence as a sovereign nation. That is a subject that is of paramount importance to everyone involved in this struggle, regardless of which pro independenceat party they belong to.

The ramifications could be huge.

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