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Welsh representation on the Union flag

It confuses me when nationalists complain that Wales isn’t represented on the Union Jack.

Personally, I think it’s a good thing, I’m glad that Wales isn’t represented on that flag and for many reasons, which I’ll go in to a bit more detail about in the following article.

I think if we saw Wales represented it would be the final nail in our nations coffin. Ok, maybe that’s being a tad dramatic, but I feel it would signify Wales’ total subjugation and absorbtion into the British state.

Although a small change, the symbolism to anyone harbouring nationalist or patriotic feelings should be plain to see.

The British state has used the fact Wales isn’t represented as a stick to beat us with, although not a sound beating that would leave a mark but enough show us who was boss.

To have Wales represented now would mean we’ve given up on ourselves, the establishment think they’re rubbing our noses in it, but it’s a source of pride that we’re not a token gesture on that flag.

There’s an historical element to my opinion also as the legacy left by the British empire is a fallacy, fake news, propaganda and blood-soaked lies.

The list of British imperial atrocities committed under the Union Jack is long and would put crimes committed by other global imperial powers to shame.

The British empires global reign of terror under the Union Jack flag included such atrocities as deliberately engineered famines on the Irish and Indians along with the inventing and implementation of concentration camps.

Starvation was a resourceful tool for the empire, India came in for particularly punitive treatment where millions died due to starvation.

here’s a list of the major famines that occurred under British Imperial rule:

The Great Bengal Famine (1769-1770) – over 10 million deaths

Madras City/surrounding areas (1782-1783) & Chalisa famines (1783-1784) – total deaths for both was over 11 million

Doji Bara Famine (1791-1792) – over 11 million deaths

Agra Famine (1837-1838) – close to 1 million deaths

Upper Doab Famine (1860-1861) – 2 million deaths

Orissa (Odisha) Famine (1866) – over 1 million deaths

Rajputana Famine (1868-1870) – over 1.5+ million deaths

Bihar Famine (1873-1874) – the relief effort for this famine was deemed ‘excessive’, it was decided future relief to be “thrift”.

Great Famine (1876-1878) – 5.5+ million deaths

Ganjam/Orissa/Bihar (1888-1889) – hundreds of thousands of deaths

Indian Famine (1896-1897) – millions of deaths

Indian Famine (1899-1900) – 1+ million deaths

Bombay Presidency Famine (1905-1906) – hundreds of thousands of deaths

Bengal Famine (1943-1944) – over 4+ million deaths

For those people that didn’t die from starvation, they were literally worked to death in what was termed, ‘relief works’

To qualify for any relief the starving Indians wanted, they were tasked with the ‘distance test’ where they would have to walk over 10 miles to and from the relief works.

A devastating fact was that the relief given was less than what was offered in the Nazi concentration camp, Buchenwald.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Other atrocities were committed by the British empire around the world such as ‘Malaya’ during the Malayan Emergency 1948-1960 and Biafra 1967-1970, the Nigerian conflict where Britain armed and supplied mercenaries for the protection of oil.

Other crimes include the Irish potato famine, where over a million and a half people left Ireland and over a million starved while others enjoyed the benefits of British rule.

The famine in Ireland was no more a natural disaster than the African famines of today. It was a man-made instrument of war and conquest.

We could go on and on traversing the web of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the British empire, quite frankly I’d need a week and more to go into any significant detail.

It’s because of this legacy, the real legacy of the British empire under the Union Flag that I’m happy that Wales isn’t represented on what can be described as a butcher’s apron.

It’s a representation of everything that is wrong with humanity, all the worst that humanity has to offer. Wales should see it as a blessing in disguise that we’re not on it.

The next time you hear or read a complaint that Wales isn’t represented, point them in this direction, maybe they’ll think again as to what they really want!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more.Not being on this blood-soaked flag shows we were never part of this barbarism in the first place.

    This flag is an affront to decency.It has no place in Cymru.

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