Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Learn About The Rottenness To The Core That Has Been Kept Secret

This is the seat of the real power of the establishment not the politicians in Westminster who are just their puppets and do as they are told

A Lesson from Long Ago

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.

No, don’t panic – this is not a scripture lesson. Those are words that ring out loud and clear in this day and age also, as they did originally 1989 years ago, but under different circumstances, then, in a religious context, rather than now a political one. Just substitute “teachers of the law and Pharisees” with politicians and elitist bankers and financiers. Put them together in the Synagogue of Satan (the City of London – NOT London City), and you’ll get a grasp of what the second British Empire is about, and how it controls it’s colonies for it’s own benefit in modern times, more especially following the demise of the physical British Empire following WW2..

The Old ‘Hiding’ Game

The trick for centuries has been to keep such knowledge well away from the common people. We live in a world that is portrayed by the establishment (in the UK more especially through it’s state mouthpieces like the BBC) as an illusionary perception that people have been led to believe is reality.

The true reality is something totally different. We have been kept in the dark, and fed on . . . well you know what we’re fed on! With generous helpings of rain puddle deep celebrity TV shows, game shows, infant level (propaganda) news and of course a huge helping of sports (which keeps the minions happy, distracted and content). The people have been duped – but they haven’t complained too much, because their treatment was kept just on the acceptance line.. The majority of us are kept blissfully unaware of what is really happening in our world. Content with our little lot.

Content that is, until the food banks started appearing after the financial collapse of 2008. When establishment governments started demanding the poorest in societies in countries all over Europe and America bail out those who had robbed us so cleverly, and to add insult to injury, they started squeezing the blood out of us, through that perverse word ‘austerity’, in order to put their own house (or rather globalist bank accounts) in order and reverse the mess they had caused – on purpose some argue.

In Wales we were hit particularly badly, because we were already the poorest nation in western Europe – thanks to the treatment we’ve received at the hands of politicians from London based parties over the decades who view us and our country’s resources as a commodity, rather than a nation of people to be respected and treated with fairness and equality.

The Great Awakening

That’s when the great awakening started to take place. One by one, nations in Europe and further afield – especially in the Americas, and more especially Latin America, started to wake up. They formed parties that were a quantum leap away from the politics that had confined the ordinary people – for hundreds of years – to enslavement to the establishment and it’s elites, that included the banksters, the globalists, and especially those in the finance industry.

Earth shaking results started to appear in elections and referendums, leaving the establishment aghast and wrong footed. All the  predictions by the so called ‘experts’ who followed the traditions of the establishment parties were found to be hugely inaccurate in their forecasts, and not by small margins. That was because they used the establishment ‘norm’ as their bench mark, and not what was actually happening on the ground.  Little wonder really, as most (but not all it has to be said) of these forecasters are snugly in bed with the establishment.

So What Next?

This political phenomenon, thanks to better communication between people, mostly thanks to the Internet, heralded the death knell for all the antiquated political parties of the establishment. Not only did these new modern parties that suddenly appeared like mushrooms gain huge support, many have gone on to form the government in many countries, or the sharing of powers within those governments. All within a breathtakingly short period of time.

Powerful forces don’t give up easily. Alarm bells and red flashing lights have gone off everywhere. With their huge resources and influence, more especially their control of the traditional media, they set about the old black propaganda campaign. Often labelled ‘Project Fear’.

It’s now time for you the reader to take a break. make yourself a cuppa, kick off your shoes and relax, whilst you watch the film below. We hasten to add it’s not an Ein Gwlad production, but put together excellently by those who wish to make people aware of what it’s all about. Enjoy. 

Labelling and Disinformation

We are not dealing with stupid people here. They are extremely intelligent, resourceful and well drilled. However they have an Achilles Heel. Because they still view the world through the eyes of the past, they make gigantic blunders in their strategy, not fully realising what is happening around them. At the end of the day, the sheer numbers of awakened people have the last say at the ballot box – assuming the democratic ballot box will not in the mean time be done away with- we’ve already heard little whispers being released through the media of the possible use of Martial Law in the wake of the Brexit fiasco. Make no mistake, the establishment will stop at nothing to cling on to it’s power, wealth and control. All it needs is an excuse to wield it’s police and military forces against the people to keep them under control.

The Black Propaganda Campaign

When the outbreak of new anti establishment parties was witnessed, the establishment’s mouthpieces wasted no time in starting the black propaganda campaign.

As these parties are of a populist nature. Incidentally, the Oxford Dictionary definition of ‘populist’ is:

A political approach that strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups”.

Other official descriptions are:

•“Support for the concerns of ordinary people”. E.g. “It is clear that your populism identifies with the folks on the bottom of the ladder

•“The quality of appealing to, or being aimed at ordinary people

The first step in fighting off this challenge of the new parties by the establishment was to portray ALL populist parties as something very bad. It was suggested that all populist parties are extreme right wing, or even fascist in nature. This of course – as all serious students of politics will know – is absolute balderdash. Populist parties (most of whom are syncretic in nature) are often neither right wing, centre or left wing. They just focus on what is best for their country.

That varies greatly, from e.g. the government of Hungary led by prime minister Viktor Mihály Orbán and his populist Fideszto party to the populist government of the late Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, leader of the Fifth Republic Movement and later the United Socialist Party of Venezuela. Both at opposite ends of the political spectrum, both populist in nature, and both popular with vast swathes of their respective peoples, due to their opposition to elitism and favouring instead the real needs of their country and their people over the establishment.That is the common denominator they fight for their people and oppose the elitists and the establishment as a whole.

If you listen to the establishment media in the UK, all populist parties are eye swiveling,  slavering fascists who want to take us all back to the the thirties. What rot, what’s worse, this rot is believed by the emotionally and psychologically weak in our society – the kind that is the easiest subject for propaganda brainwashing. 

Where We Fit In

Ein Gwlad comes from a similar position. We are a syncretic party that does not subscribe to the outdated single axis paradigm of labeling political parties as right, centre or left. That is a convenient system designed to pigeonhole parties, and therefore form a bigoted bias against them, or when it suits the establishment, support for those parties they favour (usually described in fluffy and cuddly terms like ‘slightly right of centre’ or ‘slightly left of centre’ Liberal democracies). None of which is sensible or sane, but it serves a purpose in the world of the establishment and it’s puppets in government or in the media. More in depth information can be gleaned from the excellent book by professors Eatwell and Goodwin – click on the graphic on the left.


Next is the exercise of disinformation, or to put it bluntly lying, or more politely, massaging and manipulating the truth, or not reporting the truth at all.

So we’ve come a full circle, when highlighting the age old trick of ‘hiding’.” Don’t draw attention to it, and people will not question it”.

Last Round Bell

Well the game is up. In Wales, we are fighting for independence, fairness and equality, with the freedom to decide for ourselves how we want to be governed. However there’s far more to it than that. It’s an assault course riddled with obstacles.

Breaking free is a simple concept. Untangling ourselves from the Spider’s Web is not so easy, nor is it recommended for the weak hearted. It’s not just a question of disengaging from Westminster, we also have to realise that there’s a global force far greater than Westminster, that will stoop to any level to stop us, and others like us. To them we are a little colony to be exploited. Fairness, principles, justice and the basic human right to freedom for the individual is not in their text book. We need to gird up our loins in readiness for that. The only way to do it is by exposing these forces and making people realise what the reality is. At the end of the day there are far more of us than them, but they control us – few as they are – by encouraging ignorance amongst the general public, keeping us in the dark with a projected vision of a false reality and threatening us with a loss in our living conditions and standards. We have the upper hand – if we are awake and united and vote for change.

We CAN do that – but only with the support of our people, who are sufficiently alert to understand what is going on around them. We CAN wake up from this nightmare – if we are united and all clearly understand what is going on.

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