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Manifesto Launch – Familiar Patterns?

It was a famous quote by ‘Mahātmā’ Gandhi during the period that he mobilized his people in revolt against the mighty British Empire in India. An Indian activist who was the leader of the Indian independence movement, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world. The honourific Mahātmā (Sanskrit: “high-souled”, “venerable”) was applied to him first in 1914 in South Africa – it is now used worldwide. In India, he is also called Bapu (Gujarati: endearment for father, papa) and Gandhi ji, the Father of the Nation.

Intellect and Astute Observation

With his razor sharp analytic intellect, and astute powers of observation, he managed to topple the presence in his country of the largest and most powerful empire ever known in human history. He also prophesied beforehand how the British Empire’s establishment would view and react to his efforts. Quite rightly, he had foreseen what the reactions would be, and knew exactly how to maneuver this predictability to his advantage.


First they ignored him  –  a frail looking diminutive old man wearing a dhoti and shawl who was talking about regaining independence and freedom for his people.They viewed him as someone who was delusional and not worthy of their attention. Sounds familiar that!

When the ignoring stage came to an end – they laughed at him. How on earth could this perceived joke of a person attain what he claimed he was going to accomplish? A well tried ploy – ridicule. They try to get the majority to dismiss you, by getting them to believe the ridicule directed at you. In this day and age it’s done through social media, before that it was done through the press and media. It doesn’t work if they’re dealing with subject material that is one step ahead of them, and dedicated to telling the truth, and exposing injustice.

Exposing the wrong doings of the colonial establishment will eventually wake people up in a colony – which is what Wales still is. Parties that care for their country and their people – rather than party doctrines and ideology that they foist on the people – are called ‘populist’ parties, because they do the will of the people and are backed by the majority of the people. Gandhi was the early leader of a populist party. That is the ball park that Ein GWLAD is in.

Gandhi’s struggle continued, and it went from strength to strength, as more people listened to him and joined at his side. This caused more than a smidgen of concern for the establishment. So they decided to do what was always their default setting, they set out to eradicate him with force. So the struggle had reached the ‘fight’ stage.

Bombay, 1948. The Somerset Light Infantry, the last British troops to leave India,

Gandhi won. The British left India with their tail between their legs.

Gandhi proved that with his own will power and perseverance, coupled to the support of the will of the people – anything is possible. It is the original battle between good and evil. Good will conquer in the end, through truth and exposure of the machinations of the establishment. All that’s needed is logical thinking  and reasoned debate, backed with proper facts. The default setting for most people errs on the right side of justice and fairness – as long as they are given the true and proper facts.

Background Into Why Ein GWLAD Exists

Back in 2016, some of us founding members of Ein GWLAD started exploring the possibility of a new political party for Wales. Your correspondent won’t go deeper into the minutiae of why we believed that, but basically it boiled down to the fact that the parties who rule us (or partly rule us) in Cardiff Bay are London based ‘foreign’ parties who occupy our Senedd. More especially the Labour party who just prefixed their name with ‘Welsh’ calling themselves Welsh Labour, they take their orders from HQ. They have been the incumbent government party that has ruled us from day one. They have now done so for twenty years, and we are as a result, poorer, with worse health and education standards than we had in 1999. The Assembly was created by the Government of Wales Act 1998, which followed a referendum in 1997. The Assembly had no powers to initiate primary legislation until limited law-making powers were gained through the Government of Wales Act 2006.Things have progressively got worse since that time. We are now the poorest nation in western Europe.

The Conservatives and the Lib Dems followed suite, prefixing their names with ‘Welsh’, although in reality they are England based parties operating as foreign parties on our soil. Since then UKIP has also sneaked into our Senedd. At least they had the decency not to call themselves ‘Welsh’, but that’s small consolation.

The only exception is Plaid Cymru, who had been in existence for around 90 years. Their progress and impact is not plain to see – it doesn’t exist! They’ve ping-ponged back and forth with their stance on independence, they’ve tried to be all things to all people. Culture and language protectors in the north and a worker’s socialist party in the south. What they should have done is set out their stall, and then set about convincing the people by putting forward their arguments in order to convince people of the correctness of their stand. What they’ve done is consistently changed the items on their ‘for sale’ stall, to try and lure people into supporting their party. It hasn’t worked and never will work, because the public are not stupid. They have no respect for people who have no solid principle and who vary like a wind vane, depending on the prevailing weather pattern.

Even after 90 years in existence, Plaid Cymru still only attracts just 10% of the vote amongst the potential voting public in Wales. That’s what happens when the public perception is arrived at – that you are not sincere and can’t be trusted. Plaid’s strategy to counter this is to become more socialist, to snuggle up to Labour and to mimic Labour’s Brit-Nat Unionist policies, but with a Welsh flavour. It is doomed to failure, as it has already failed for over 90 years. Wales needs a Nationalist (Syncretic) party with a backbone and strong principles that it will never desert. Plaid has not delivered, is there any reason or evidence to suggest that they will suddenly and miraculously change things at the last hour? We think not. Leopards seldom change their spots or their bad habits.

The time has arrived for us to move on as a nation, with, or without Plaid Cymru. They are welcome to unite with us in our battle for independence, we would welcome that, along with support from all the ‘Indy’ groups. If Plaid prefers to continue acting like a dog in the manger, then so be it, we’ll move on without them.

Parallel Circumstances

After a public meeting in the autumn of 2017, when those present indicated unanimously that a new party should be formed, we set about our task. We were determined to change the way traditional (establishment friendly) political parties operated. 

We thoroughly researched our approach and studied the modus operadi of other new parties recently set up. We concluded that what was needed was a 21st century method of doing politics. Convinced that the old style politics of past centuries was dying – no one trusts them anymore, and for good reason. With the advent of new exciting syncretic parties that are appearing in almost every country in Europe, we soon realised that this was ideally suited to us, and more importantly to our small impoverished country and her people.

These syncretic parties are being derogatorily labelled as ‘populist’ and further given the description of being alt. right wing or even fascist by the establishment. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are so called (under the old single axis political labelling system of right, centre & right) populist parties on both the right and left. Being syncretic we do not subscribe to the party doctrines of one end or the other of the current political spectrum, but rather we pick and choose policies wholly on the basis of whether they are beneficial or not to our country and her people. And whether they can push  forward the struggle for independence.

Predictable Responses

Just as Gandhi predicted when he started on his mission, we were exposed to exactly the same responses.

First we were ignored.

The media, press and other outlets totally ignored us as if we were invisible. When one Trinity Mirror paper in Wales invited us to give an interview, the reporter – Martin Shipton – decided to run a story that focused on our interim leader Gwyn Wigley Evans. He produced a manufactured libellous article about Mr. Evans’ business dealings, rather than reporting on the launch of our party. An unconditional apology was later printed in the paper admitting that the story reported was a fictitious lie and inaccurate. From that point on, we decided that we would, from then on, control all the information published about us to the public. 

We abhor lies and disinformation.  We abhor false news and shallow reporting that is biased and skewed to support the establishment. Furthermore, we hate political correctness designed to gag people and stop them exercising their right to free speech.  Hence the reason we organised this truth based and accurate reporting outlet – our News Portal.

Then they laughed at us and tried to ridicule us

A long time before our launch, we submitted an article to another outlet on the internet that serves Wales (although in reality the editor and most of the readers of that outlet seem to be operating a thinly disguised Plaid Cymru platform to promote that party).

It was stated in a comment we submitted to them that we were forming a party. We outlined what our goals were, and what we hoped to achieve. The responses were predictable. We had said that we would be flying under the radar whilst we established our foundations and infrastructure, and that afterwards we would appear like the Zulus in that famous film. This was predictably met with a wave of ridicule from readers of that outlet. We were accused of setting up a right wing nationalist party in opposition to Plaid Cymru! Quite amazing as we had declared that we were to be a syncretic party, focusing mainly on the 90% of the electorate that Plaid are isolated from.

On another occasion we were told that we could not be taken seriously because we did not even have a proper website. To date we have FIVE sites. One private site for our members, a Discussion Forum for our members, a Welsh language public website and a public English language website, plus of course our cherished News Portal with it’s team of five dedicated editors. Not bad considering the incredibly short time we’ve been in existence. What’s more ALL the work in constructing these sites and maintaining them is done in-house. We can’t think of any other political party with such an internet presence.  Nor any other party that does all the work in-house. But that’s the way ridicule goes – it’s seldom correct. In fact it’s mostly bitchiness based on ignorance and often jealousy.

So, given the above,  we assumed that we had reached the second stage in our development – as predicted by Gandhi!

Then they started to fight us.

After our official launch in Llanelli on the 28th of August 2018, the real hostilities started. The ‘fight’ phase as Gandhi called it. 

The beginnings of the fight has been observed on social media. Knee jerk reactions based on nothing but hearsay, blind accusations based on ill conceived assumptions. We’ve even had venues for meeting disrupted and meetings cancelled, because some of these bullying ‘trolls’ ring up to tell the venue owners that they should not be allowing fascist bigots, Nazis or racists etc. to use their premises. This smacks of hysterical  madness, from people who are obviously blind bigots themselves! If it wasn’t so ridiculous it would be laughable.

However we tend to turn a blind eye to this schoolyard name calling, and silly reactions by some with very novice political understanding, and absolutely no previous knowledge about us..  The REAL fight is still to come though, as we gather pace and prepare for the Senedd elections in 2021. 


We’re pleased to report that we have completed the writing of a full and comprehensive party manifesto. This manifesto has been approved by our Steering Committee.

As we’re a fully democratic party, that exercises it’s democracy from the bottom up. We will be presenting our manifesto to our members for their approval at a Manifesto Conference to be held on the 2nd of March 2019. Shortly afterwards  we will be publishing our official document to the public.

This document not only sets out our vision, but also contains details of our major policies – leading up to the 2021 Senedd elections. We are sure that it will be quite an eye opener for our followers, but an even greater one for our detractors, who have up until now only made wild guesses about us. There could be a lot of red faced trolls wandering around the social media circuit afterwards!

Then we go on to WIN (as Gandhi foresaw in a similar situation sixty years ago).

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