Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

YES is more – If you want it!



The recent poll by ITV Wales and YouGov revealed support of Welsh Independence had jumped from 7% to 19% in just one year.


We’ve also had a new political party, Ein GWLAD, launched for that very cause also.


Even Plaid Cymru’s new leader Adam Price vowed to push for independence during the leadership contest, however that initial groundswell of optimism within the nationalist element within Plaid must have dwindle since, as Price has gone very quiet on the subject. Maybe it was a ploy to get the “Nats” on side to secure his leadership? Who knows what Plaid Cymru are doing, I don’t think they know themselves half the time.


A change in the air


I sense something in the air though. There’s a new momentum growing in Wales, with independence at the fore. the subject of independence for Wales is becoming an everyday conversation for a lot of people.


Now we have artists of various persuasions throwing their support behind the independence momentum in the form of a concert under the banner of “Yes is more!”


It’s hoped the concert will stimulate the national debate around the Indy subject and grow support for a “yes” vote in a future referendum.


Charlotte Church’s Late Night Pop Dungeon, Super Furry Animals’ Cian Ciarán and Gruff Rhys, Gwenno and Welsh Music Prize-winners, Boy Azooga are to come together for the Yes Is More! concert.


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The Yes Is More! campaign will soon reveal the support of more of Wales’ leading lights, including award-winning actors, filmmakers and visual artists.


The artists will come together to launch a series of Yes Is More! events starting at The Tramshed, Cardiff on Friday, February 15, 2019


Cian Ciaran, keyboard artist for Welsh band Super Furry Animals said “There comes a time where opinion on something like support for Welsh independence breaks out from the ones you’d expect to be involved in the debate, the politicians, activists, the commentariat, and just becomes common sense. Yes Is More wants to showcase some of that.”


Gruff Rhys, the musician, composer, producer, filmmaker, author and also of Super Furry Animal fame added, “We choose a hopeful, compassionate debate and fear that complacency could risk Wales becoming both a figurative and literal toxic dumping ground for bad ideas. With Wales left out of all political negotiations and dominated by an increasingly misleading nationalist media at UK level, we feel the need to make a song and dance about it.”


Ein GWLAD fully support the pro independence groups popping up all over Wales, of which there are many. Yes Cymru being the largest, followed by the Welsh Football Fans For Independence, Indy Cymru, Dessolation Radio, Labour for Independence. Even the rugby fraternity are entering the debate with Welsh Rugby Fans For Independence and the regional groups for the Ospreys and Scarlets.


There’s even a little known group called Indy 4 Wales Port Talbot!


Things are heating up nicely. There’s even news of a new “far left” pro indy group launching in January 2019. They will meet at 11am, on Saturday the 26th of January, at the Old College, Aberystwyth.


Whether Wales needs another left wing party is another story. Labour occupy the centre left, Plaid is a bit more to the left than Labour and now a we have far left option? Good for democracy and for the left I suppose. There will be options considering how far left on the political spectrum an individual is.


There’s a good a job that Ein GWLAD doesn’t occupy any part of the political spectrum. We won’t have to get involved with the mud slinging, the fracturing and polarization of society that will ensue.

1 thought on “YES is more – If you want it!

  1. Very encouraging.

    I’ve always thought that Independence is an idea which could build up a head of steam very quickly here in Wales because we are a small nation, and because of the strong social capital we have here( i.e people’s connections to each other and their communities). All we ever needed as a nation was someone to put the case! Now, thanks to Ein GWLAD and YES Cymru, even Plaid are taking it seriously….

    Although everybody thinks Scotland are streets ahead of us in Wales, we do have a key advantage in one respect I think.

    The independence debate has become very polarised and bitter in Scotland following the 1st referendum in 2014, the two sides of the debate are really very divided- (a situation which is made worse by a very nasty and divisive large-scale Brit media there). This all does cast a heavy shadow over the Independence debate in Scotland.

    Thankfully, we don’t have that legacy to deal with here in Wales. I’ve argued here before that our LACK of Welsh media has actually been beneficial in some regards.

    This element of freshness, surprise and originality of a Welsh Independence push could be our biggest ace in the pack…..

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