Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

‘Soul baring book’ about new beginnings for Cymru up for award

A PERSONAL take on a year in Welsh politics, including the formulation of a brand new party over the same period of time has been nominated for Literature Wales’s Book of The Year award.

‘Gwlad! Gwlad? An Invitation To A Party’ by Aled Gwyn Job has been entered in the ‘Creative Factual’ section of the 2019 competition. The winners will be unveiled at Aberystwyth next summer.

Lionel Ross, proprietor of book publishers, i2i Publications said he was delighted that Gwlad! Gwlad? An Invitation To A Party’ has been nominated as an entrant in the competition.

This is a fascinating book and in my judgement has a good chance of winning a prize‘ said Mr Ross.

Mr Ross went on to say:

The author Aled Gwyn Job, writes well and has given deep insights into the tortuous process of launching a new political party.’

  I doubt there are many books that bare the souls of the organisers of a new political party so frankly and honestly anywhere in the world.’

The pen portraits of all the organising committee make interesting reading. The story has as its backdrop, the tumultuous events occurring in the UK during this  same year, as the agonies of Brexit continue to dominate political life.’

The new party, Ein Gwlad has had a hard rough birth and this, I suspect will only make it stronger and more successful.

Author Aled Gwyn Job said he was humbled by the nomination and hopeful that it could have wider ramifications as well.

He said:

‘There’s something ground-shifting going on in Wales at the moment, which is completely under the radar as far as the mainstream media and traditional political set-up is concerned’ he said.

It’s really hard to put your finger on it, but it seems to me that there are long simmering political, social (and even spiritual undercurrents) all aligning together in Wales at this point to demand fundamental change here‘.

I just hope my book can play a small part in all this

Ein GWLAD says that this is wonderful news. To have someone of Aled’s calibre in our ranks is a fantastic asset to us, to have a book that bares all in the year leading up to our launch is good; to have that very book nominated for a book of the year award was beyond our wildest dreams.

Anyone who reads it (and we hope many of our detractors will – to get an insight into what we are REALLY about) will get a totally different perspective on the reasons why the party Ein GWLAD has been formed.

It is a truly soul-baring project by Aled, who tells all with no warts hidden, not just about our formation and our goals, but his personal journey with us over the period covered in the book.


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