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The real uncomfortable truth about the “Welsh” three feathers

(This article is based on an article that appeared in Wales Online on 25th November 2018)

There’s something I dislike about the Welsh rugby jersey. It’s not the design, certainly not the colour or even the tight fit. It’s those aweful three feathers!

The emblem on the jersey was modified by the WRU in the 1990’s however it still erks me that they are there at all.

The simple fact is they’re not Welsh and should not be anywhere near the Welsh jersey. Thankfully the Welsh Football Association have gone a diffeent route with an emblem that is Welsh and is a reflection of Wales.

The emblem originated, or so the legend goes, at the end of the Battle of Crecy, the first major battle of the Hundred Years War, 1346 The English Black Prince took the helmet of John I of Bohemia, which was adourned with Ostrich feathers and from there developed the feathered emblem we know today.

The Three Feathers design itself is based on the Fleur de Lis, which was first known for sure to have been used on the field by the French king Philippe II (1180-1214).

The Heraldic badge also has no connection whatsoever with Wales’ last native Prince, Owain Glyndwr (1415).

The emblem has also been used for Welsh millitary regiments in the “british” army.

And because of it’s continued use, it has, for some, become a symbol of Wales and not just the so called “Prince of Wales” a title that is bestowed upon the first born son of an English Monarch.

But as I’ve said, The feathers are not Welsh and do not truely represent Wales.  And the motto “Ich Dien” or “I Serve” in German is salt in the wound and is an insult to us, rather than a motto to be proud of. I suppose the unionists will say otherwise.

The uncomfortable truth is that the three feathers of an English prince that has no connection to Wales whatsoever, continue to be used as a symbol of pride without substance, credebillity or elegibillity. The sooner Wales drops these symbols of oppression, the sooner Wales can move forward and find itself again.

1 thought on “The real uncomfortable truth about the “Welsh” three feathers

  1. Neatly summed up Lee. Sadly there are several aspects to this gross travesty.

    Within the WRU there is a cluster ( if not an outright majority) who do sucking up to royalty in a big way. No doubt they think they will get some sort of gong in due course and big really big in their local community or down the lodge or wherever else they do their schmoozing.

    Then you have the great mass of unthinking folk – innocent in their own sweet way, but thick – who end up buying into the mythology behind the badge due to their unswerving herding instinct.

    And the rest ? Well they most probably think it’s good for trade ( like a by appointment sign) a variant on the sucking up in that they will use Catherine Jenkins, Tom Jones, Groggs, et al. , any old bit of tat just to make a buck.

    And sadly there’s those people who disapprove but still buy the tat and the tickets at inflated prices. Funny old mix of mindsets, in any other context they’d be prime candidates for an institution, if such things still existed.

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