Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

3 new Ein GWLAD branches launched in drive for members

Cangen Dyffryn Conwy, Ein GWLAD: Rhydian Hughes(Chair), Phil Roberts( Treasurer) and Ronnie Roberts( Secretary)

James Ll. Henton, Chair Ein GWLAD West Glamorgan

Sian Caiach, Chair Ein GWLAD Llanelli

 Lee Felton, Secretary Ein GWLAD Llanelli

THREE new branches of Ein GWLAD have been launched in different parts of Wales over the past few days.

Cangen Dyffryn Conwy in the north was first off the mark, quickly followed by two branches in the south, Llanelli and West Glamorgan.

Speaking at the launch of Cangen Dyffryn Conwy, chair Rhydian Hughes, of Pentrefoelas said he was proud to be part of such  momentous occasion for his own locality and for Wales as a nation.

“Everyone knows things can’t stay the same as they are in Wales and that we need change” said Mr Hughes, the former Vice-Chair of YES Cymru.

“But, it’s not enough to want change- you have to thirst for change, and in Ein GWLAD, I think  we have a party that is thirsting for change in our nation.”

He added that Wales needed to develop its own “ideoleg Cymreig”, away from the sterile left v right thinking which has so dominate political life here in Wales and the rest of these isles for so long.

“What’s important are the ideas- not where they are on the political spectrum. The important question for Ein GWLAD is- will these ideas benefit Cymru and its people?”

James Llewelyn Henton, Chair of the new West Glamorgan branch said it would hopefully provide the first step to recovery for the region, which has been blighted by lack of money and jobs, with its high streets also destroyed for much too long.

“People need to realise that their current local politicians here and on a national level, just building some fancy new buildings and new road layouts , while not changing the fundamental problems at the core of the issues here, will never change anything in reality, except the view” said Mr Henton, 20, of Castell-Nedd.

“We need actual change and we need it now. That’s why our 21st century party is needed, no more established nonsense, just pure “what will suit the Welsh people best” politics is what we need, and what Ein GWLAD is here to do.”

“Just remember, with Ein GWLAD, we’re not Left, Right, or Centre, We’re WELSH!”

Gwyn Wigley Evans, Interim Leader of Ein GWLAD, said the launch of the three branches showed confidence, initiative and that the party had a “can do” mentality.

“Supporters have now turned into fully fledged members, who want to make a difference in their localities which is brilliant” said Mr Evans, of Llanddeiniol, near Aberystwyth.

“Obviously, we have a clear presence on the web and on social media, but there’s nothing to beat working on the ground in our local communities and talking to people.”

Mr Evans added that he expected more branches to start up over the next few months in the lead-up to the party’s first national conference at Newtown on February 9, 2019.

1 thought on “3 new Ein GWLAD branches launched in drive for members

  1. ARDDERCHOG! Excellent!

    Congratulations to all three branches. Hopefully we’ll see this repeated from Môn to Mynwy!

    For anyone who thinks “just another Welsh Nationalist party” – nothing could be further from the truth. And speaking of truth, we will not flinch from exposing the lies, corruption, deceit and self promotion of all the other political parties and their politicians, that the people have been groomed to accept as the ‘way of things’. It doesn’t have to be like that. It’s just become the norm, because politicians of the past have assumed that their self importance and party doctrines (that are foisted on the people) is the way that governmental rule works. It isn’t. In the past the tail has wagged the dog, it’s the people that count – not the politicians. They have become the monotonous voice of the establishment, rather than the voice of those they represent. The rest is a smoke and mirrors exercise in trying to gain the advantage over one another – the ones that suffer from this establishment set-up are us the ordinary men and women on the street.

    We aim to create a system where the people of Wales have their say in policy development and adoption. Our only concern is the welfare of our country and her people.

    As a committed syncretic party we ignore the the way things have been done in the past, we will fight political correctness, make sure that everyone has freedom of thought and speech- that is a fundamental right of free people. We will mould our policies to suit the citizens of Wales, and make this country the best small country to live in anywhere on the globe.

    No baggage, no old fashioned preconceptions, no party doctrines, dogmas or ideology.

    Where the old fashioned ‘establishment parties’ work to promote their party ethos Ein GWLAD is a syncretic party. We don’t subscribe to the abstract concept of the single axis, left, centre, right paradigm. We are geared to doing away with that nonsense – it’s old fashioned, misleading and past it’s usefulness. It’s also a tool for the establishment and the media to label groups of people to their advantage. It’s time we turned the page, as so many syncretic parties on mainland Europe have already done. Many are now in government or are in cabinet positions in various countries, they have made huge strides in the last five years – we intend to do the same here.

    However, the first primary step is to gain independence as a truly free and sovereign state in our own right. That is a goal that CAN be achieved, but only by the will of our people. Together we can change things for the better.

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